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1201Re: [govtrack] Is the data still available as a sql file?

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  • Josh Tauberer
    Dec 6, 2013
      Hi, Derik.

      Sorry. If it's not where it used to be, we don't have it. I'm not even sure I remember what it was.

      What are you looking for specifically? Maybe I can create it again if you really need it in that format.

      - Josh Tauberer (@JoshData)
      On 12/03/2013 06:58 PM, inkdnpierced@... wrote:
      Last year I downloaded the entire database as a sql file for a project. I know that they have changed their format starting with this congress, but I was hoping that the old database was still available as sql, since I already have a way to query that, but I can't find it anywhere. Perhaps I'm just over looking it? 

      Thanks for your help,

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