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1197Re: [Bulk] [govtrack] Which timezone?

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  • Stephen Jaynes
    Aug 17, 2013
      Is there any chance that you will append a created date and modified date to the apis that you maintain?  This would be helpful especially for mobile apps that make use of your data.  I'd like my app to be able to download only data that has been created/modified since the last time it downloaded data.

      Best regards,

      Steve Jaynes

      On Aug 14, 2013, at 6:21 AM, Josh Tauberer <tauberer@...> wrote:


      Thanks for the question, Phil.

      It is the local time as the event was recorded by Congress, so U.S.
      Eastern (UTC-5/-4).

      I'll update the documentation.

      - Josh Tauberer (@JoshData)


      On 08/14/2013 09:16 AM, Phil Gyford wrote:
      > Hi,
      > In the API, what timezone are the dates/times in? The `created` fields, for example, don't have any timezone offset, so it's not very clear.
      > I want to know so that I can do something like, find all votes within the past 24 hours... which is tricky if I don't know what time the API thinks 24 hours ago was.
      > Many thanks,
      > Phil Gyford
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