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1191API: Date field filters now accept sane date formating

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  • Josh Tauberer
    Jul 5, 2013
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      On the GovTrack API v2, there was some messiness regarding the
      formatting of date fields. The v2 API used Solr as the search backend
      for bills, and Solr required a weird date format always ending with "Z",
      although the output of the API always displayed dates in a different
      format. The other API endpoints (people, votes) use a MySQL or Xapian
      backend and require instead a the date format *not* ending with a Z.

      Now the API will accept the ISO YYYY-MM-DD and YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS
      formats for all date fields, matching the date format used in all of the
      the API outputs. Actually it'll accept any sane date format, so the
      "...Z" format will still be accepted for now, but switching to ISO
      format would be a good idea.

      - Josh Tauberer (@JoshData)