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1184bulk bill data retrieval

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  • davem1901
    May 21, 2013
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      First can't give enough praise to GovTrack and the phenomenal work they do. Been using the site for a few years now but have only recently expanding my use of it.

      Bulk data from the site is very new to me and I was finally able to pull the data I wanted, in basically the format I wanted. That was in January. I started pulling the data every month or so and when I put in the link, it was great, it opened a download window and I would save the file as a CSV. Easy to work with.
      Recently, I don't know if GovTrack has changed, I am doing something different or if the browsers have changed but when I paste the link into any of my browsers, I only get some of the information and no longer the ability to receive it as a CSV but just displayed as text in the browser window.
      Finally the question: Is this the new normal? Or is there a new way to retrieve the data in a CSV file?

      Dave Miller
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