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Hurricane update from a G.I. Brat

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  • Mike Ross
    Hi everyone, My dear friend Karen (Seney) Handville told me you all were asking if I survived Hurricane Katrina...I did...there were a few close calls during
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2005
      Hi everyone,

      My dear friend Karen (Seney) Handville told me you'all were asking if
      I survived Hurricane Katrina...I did...there were a few close calls
      during the storm, and there's been much heartache as I watched many of
      my friends and co-workers down here in Louisiana and Mississippi lose

      As Karen mentioned, I'm a news reporter for WWL-TV in New Orleans. My
      wife and kids evacuated to Memphis...I stayed behind with the rest of
      our news and technical staff to cover the storm and its aftermath. We
      were the only t.v. station down here to remain on the air. My family
      (including my mom & dad, who still live in New Orleans) were
      lucky...only minor damage to the house...but 2/3 of my co-workers have
      lost their homes to flooding and wind damage...despite their personal
      loss, they had the dedication and courage to keep covering the storm
      and serve our community.

      I won't go into all the details of what we went through as the storm
      hit, or what's happened since...but I can tell you the pictures you've
      seen on t.v. don;t do it justice...I've covered news down here for
      25-years, and reported on 15 major hurricanes, including Hurricane
      Andrew, but I've never seen anything like this...the destruction is
      beyond belief, even for those of us who have seen some of the worst
      storms of the last quarter-century. This is just a horrible disaster
      that has touched so many lives...

      But...there's is a strong sense of determination down here to survive
      and fight our way back to a normal life...it will take some time, but
      I feel New Orleans will make a come-back. If you can, please make a
      donation to one of the relief organizations...there are so many people
      in need down here...

      Thank you for your concern for me and my family...

      One more thing...

      One thing that crashes quickly in a hurricane is communications...no
      phones..no internet...and that can make you feel really isolated from
      the rest of the world...but about two weeks after Katrina hit, I
      managed to get a phone call out to Karen...

      Karen Seney, our fellow G.I. brat, will always be one of my most
      important friends...we have a friendship that started back on
      Governors Island in 1968, and has continued through all these
      years...when I reached her on the phone a couple of weeks ago, I was
      exhausted and emotionally drained...she listened patiently as I vented
      about everything I'd been through, and I could tell she was deeply
      concerned...hearing her voice lifted my spirits...

      Karen will always have a special place in my heart....and my memories
      of our years on the island will always be among the best times of my

      Mike Ross
      G.I. Brat 1968-74
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