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Re: [gothic-l] Re: Warrior Class

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  • Michal Cigan
    Hi all, hard to catch running train, but i ll try... It depends what do you mean by knight ! If You mean the mounted warrior (more or less heavy armoured),
    Message 1 of 68 , Feb 6, 2008
      Hi all, hard to catch running train, but i'll try...

      It depends what do you mean by "knight"!

      If You mean the mounted warrior (more or less heavy armoured), than i think yes,
      such a warriors were among the Goths.
      War-parties (Tacitus' commitatus) of mediaval gentes, first members of nobility, followers of some leader ("king"), they generaly fought on horses.
      But if you mean knight in the feudal romantic or spiritual sence respectively, then
      there were no knights among Goths. Nevertheless, also members of pre-feudal war parties
      had their spiritual principles, code of honour, but i'm afraid it was more about the love to the friend in war party, to "brother in arm", or to the leader of the band, than to some beautiful noble maiden... (But note, that also feudal knightly ideal was just an ideal, also knight was in the first place heavy armoured mounted warrior, profesional killer, the core of mediaval army (all the words about service to maiden, or Jesus Christ was secondary - at least i think so...)


      P.S. Sorry for my terrible english...

      ualarauans <ualarauans@...> wrote: --- In gothic-l@yahoogroups.com, Justïn <justinelf@...> wrote:
      > Is there any way we would reconstruct the term "knight" or is that
      > too chronologically irresponsible?

      Exactly my point, Justïn. There were no knights yet in Gothic times.


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    • ualarauans
      ... of ... is ... entity ... sun! That was Huitzilopochtli, for sure! ... Awi auje wai waje...
      Message 68 of 68 , Feb 13, 2008
        --- In gothic-l@yahoogroups.com, "llama_nom" <600cell@...> wrote:
        > [...]
        > Are you familiar with the cartoon Ren and Stimpy? This reminds me
        > the episode of that where they're space-travellers and Stimpy is
        > granted a wish, so he wishes they could go to "a place where there
        > no sadness and the sun always shines"--which the wish-granting
        > promptly fulfills by sending them hurtling into the heart of the

        That was Huitzilopochtli, for sure!

        > Now, the real challenge will be translating the hymn to the 400
        > Rabbits, tôtôchtin, of Drunkanness, which begins:
        > Yyaha, yya yya, yya ayya, ayya ouiya, ayya yya, ayya yya, yyauiyya,
        > ayya ayya, yya ayya, yya yya yye.
        > "Wai! Wai! etc."

        Awi auje wai waje...
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