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Re: Dietlieb

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  • llama_nom
    German lieb = Gothic liufs beloved, dear . And yes, G diet = Go. þiuda people, nation . Þetleifr (the Old Norse version of the name, from
    Message 1 of 22 , Apr 10, 2007
      German 'lieb' = Gothic 'liufs' "beloved, dear". And yes, G 'diet' =
      Go. 'þiuda' "people, nation". Þetleifr (the Old Norse version of the
      name, from Þiðreks saga) is borrowed along with the story from German,
      as can be seen from the form 'þet', in place of the native 'þjóð'.
      But the final part of the name has been replaced (whether by the
      Norwegian translator or in the North German source material, I don't
      know) with a roughly similar-sounding naming element: -leifr, related
      to ON 'leifar', Go. 'laibos' "remnants, leavings", OE 'láf' "remnant,
      remains; heirloom, legacy."


      --- In gothic-l@yahoogroups.com, Michal Cigan <michalcigan@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > im interested in etymology of the name of the hero
      > of Dietrich/Thidrek cycle: Dietlieb/Thetleif - is there gothic
      etymology (?thiud?), or "only" common germanic?
      > And what about sifix -lieb/-leif?
      > Any idea?
      > M.
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