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Re: Gothic fonts & letters

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  • llama_nom
    James Marchand writes: The CODEX ARGENTEUS is written in an alphabet devised by Wulfila, though it seems quite likely that some changes have been made in the
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      James Marchand writes: "The CODEX ARGENTEUS is written in an
      alphabet devised by Wulfila, though it seems quite likely that some
      changes have been made in the intervening century and a half. The
      Gothic alphabet has two styles, one (I will call it style I) using a
      sigma-like sign and a nasal suspension for n only, and the other (I
      will call it style II) uses the Latin and suspension marks for both
      n and m (Fairbanks and Magoun). The CA is written in Style II, and
      it seems quite likely that this is a later development, probably in
      Ostrogothic Italy. Various ligatures arise out of need for space,
      etc., and larger and smaller letters are used."


      The following article by David Landau has lots of interesting stuff
      about the manuscripts including a table showing variant forms of the
      first few letters of the Gothic alphabet.


      So there´s a bit of variety. The Codex Argenteus [
      http://www.ub.uu.se/arv/codex/faksimiledition/contents.html ] has
      an "S" just like the Roman alphabet. Other manuscripts have this
      sigma-inspired "S" that looks like a backwards "3". You can see it
      in the photograph of Wiljariþ´s signiature on the Naples deed, p.
      246 of Peter Heather´s "The Goths", also illustrated more clearly in
      Bradley´s book of the same name (but I can´t remember which page).
      Online here [ http://www.gotica.de/ ], click on
      Verkaufsverträge/Urkunden. The Bendekpuszta tablet (Fragmenta
      Pannonica) has an angular sigma-like "S". But the Codex Gissensis
      has a Roman "S" like the Codex Argenteus.

      > I also wonder if there's a font with gothic letters that is better
      > use when writing in internet and documents etc. and that might
      > real spaces so it doesn't look like one whole word the whole
      > if you know what I mean.

      I downloaded a font called "gothic 1" [
      http://www.dafont.com/en/font.php?file=gothic1 ]--not sure if I got
      it from this site, but it looks the same. Do you know any others
      that work? It's fairly basic, with just one dot for punctuation.
      It can look blocky on Word if the letters are too small, but okay
      when they're big enough. And if you type any key that isn't
      programmed for a Gothic letter, it jumps back to the most boring
      font: Arial. If I want spaces, I just press space twice.

      It would be nice to have one with ligatures, multiple dots for more
      punctuation, choice of "S", and the option of using modern
      punctuation too.

      > If some one can explain to me, in short word, how to make an pdf I
      > would be very happy...

      Do you have the program for making PDF files? With that installed,
      you can convert a web page by clicking on the PDF symbol on the task
      bar of your browers. Word documents can be converted by selecting
      print, then chosing "Adobe PFD" in the window that comes up, in the
      box that says "Name", instead of the name of a printer. There's
      probably other ways to do it too, but that's what I do.

      Llama Nom
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