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    thattei alls god ist. auk weis skuld gamelid in gutrazda. Tore Gannholm wrote: Wilhelm, You are quite correct that we must see the history
    Message 1 of 19 , Nov 25, 2004
      thattei alls god ist. auk weis skuld gamelid in gutrazda.

      Tore Gannholm <tore@...> wrote:
      You are quite correct that we must see the history from more sides.
      L�beck was the Deutsche Hanse in the 15th century. From German point of
      view and especially with the contribution of R�rig this is the Hanse
      and the historian have projected the history backwards.
      This is very common.
      I attended a Hanse symposium in L�beck some years back and brought up
      the background to the Hanse. Most scolars there had suppressed it or
      were unaware of it as it did not fit into their picture.
      However when we discussed the matter they agreed that the Gotlandic
      involvement in the early Baltic trade was gigantic and that the
      Westphalians had broken into that trade by settleling in the newly
      formed village of L�beck and after the Artlenburg peace between
      Heinrich L�we and Gotland in 1161 started to settle in Visby and
      forming "universitatem communium mercatorun".

      When I started researching the history of Gotland the mainstream was
      100% the Swedish view as they were the winners after annexing Gotland
      in 1679.

      Today the Gotlandic side of the history is accepted even by most Swedes.

      On Nov 24, 2004, at 3:01 PM, WILHELM OTTO wrote:

      > Dear Dirk and Francisc.
      > I note that Dirk refers to an earlier discussion with Tore about
      > Hansa. I
      > only have followed the list for a year or so, and did not know about
      > this.
      > Sorry.
      > Most of our knowledge, and especially scientific knowledge, is
      > mainstream.
      > Social communication would not work otherwise. But as our knowledge
      > is not
      > static, we have to try to expand it a little now and then. It was
      > what I
      > tried to do when I started the discussion with Terje. It was not a
      > planned
      > assault from my part. I just drifted into it.
      > But the thoughts I have hade for some time is that the victorious
      > writes the
      > history. The L�beck Germans were very successful for a long time. And
      > the
      > Baltic trade is old. Kjell Kumlien points out that the Danes plans
      > for an
      > emporium were lost 1227 in a battle at "Bornhoeved".

      It is north to Hamburg.

      > Does that mean
      > Bornholm? From around 1000, when Canute became the absolute power in
      > Scandinavia until then the Danes had an upper hand. There are a lot
      > of St
      > Canute and St. Hans guilds and their churches around.
      > This is not enough to make a forceful argument, but a tentative
      > question if
      > anyone may see a pattern I am grasping for. Sometime it is mainstream
      > to
      > identify a loser's history as well as the victors�!
      > Wilhelm


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