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Gothic geneology

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  • Robin Gotham
    Greeetings all amongst Gothic language list, with particularity to those aspiring linking themselves to family trees such as Odoaecer, Theodoric, Alaric etc;,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2004
      Greeetings all amongst Gothic language list, with particularity to those aspiring linking themselves to family trees such as Odoaecer, Theodoric, Alaric etc;, I hesitate to acquaint yourself"s knowledge of myself , my extended family, and the surname Gotham. Our surname includes a rather complete dilineation easily going back over 1000 yrs, and has been quite well documented amongst some of ourselves long before the advent of current communication technology such as the world wide web. A reason I hesitate writing you revolves around the realisation my surname has been used countless times over by some of our closer relatives as a propaganda tool for them to acheive practical results to their personal advantage. Most of you are probably familiar with instances when my surname has been mentioned throughout history, but likely as not you only heard the public version. The public versions relating to my fathers and forefathers , are very distant from our family understood stood realities. MY family perception is-----some authors have confused and obfuscated millions of people for centuries, NOW, as to those trying interest in The GETICA, and their individual family trees, I suggest many of you pay closer attention to original founders of this well informed list. After all, the purpose and reconstruction of language rather than geneaology,is less personally destructive then finding yourselves carrying the burden of a surname identifying you and your family members with lies and defamations which could haunt or taunt you from birth to death. Such it has been for some of we, Alas, so be it ! If I'm too obscure for you, consider ! In some languages and translations, the name GOTHAM is recited in Genesis of the Old Testament ! And, most Gothams are not really interested in talking about It, and other asspects of ?? relationship to Goths. How and where this relates to the Gothic Kingdoms principals etc certainly you may speculate on as you will, But for politys sake, I kindly would request of you, remember you may be walking on someones grave ? As a OLDER Gotham I have looked to the list here with heightened respect for those using the list for scholarly research learning and broadening education. I personally enjoy reading the postings as a privilidge largely as a lurker.Like most Gothams I prefer that rather than any other action. I would only repeat for newer readers etc, , replys to the family tree builders by contributor Dirk seem very wise, practical, constructive and well informed. Certainly if there is some lingering merit in faiths of the Goths, be it Arian, or Athanasian Christian, or earlier days of Odin Thor etc, there may be yet amongst some of we regards for another Biblical injunction in this applicable instance, to wit, Vanity Vanity, all is vanity........, and by my word, geneaology is Vanity.................... thank you for your kindly indulgence in hearing out, ,,,,,,,,,,,an O'l Gotham, an unlikely Goth descendant, Celt, Latin, etc;;;;;;;;;;;;

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