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My friend Dawn Martin found this about "Alvarado."

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  • gerald baker
    From: dmartin@cfu.net To: glbaker50613@yahoo.com Subject: Information on Houseofnames.com Alvarado History excerpt and sample coat of arms/family crest links
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2004
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      From: dmartin@...
      To: glbaker50613@...
      Subject: Information on Houseofnames.com Alvarado
      History excerpt and sample coat of arms/family crest
      Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 21:15:48 -0500

      To: glbaker50613@...
      From: dmartin@...

      Here's a little something I found about the surname
      Alvarado. Not sure it's what Dennis was looking for.
      The suffix -ado is used in the perfect tense and
      passive voice in Spanish verbs ending in -AR. Though I
      don't think "alvarar" is a real Spanish verb. Just a
      thought. Take care!


      A small excerpt from Houseofname.com 1800 word

      Origin Displayed: Spanish

      Spelling variations include: Alvarado, de Alvarado,
      Albarado, de Albarado and others.
      First found in Asturias, along the northern coast of

      Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its
      variants were: Among the earliest European explorers
      of the New World was Pedro de Alvarado, who voyaged to
      Hispaniola and to Cuba in 1510. From Cuba he journeyed
      to Mexico, and explored the Caribbean coastline. The
      Alvarado River in Mexico is named for him. Pedro
      became second-in-command to Hern�n Cort�s during the
      conquest of Mexico. Next, he travelled to Guatemala,
      where he founded the city of Antigua in 1524. He left
      a collection of his writings describing these
      adventures, that survive to this day. Another early
      explorer was Alfonso de Alvarado, who accompanied
      Pizarro to Peru. Later he continued on to the R�o de
      la Plata and was named Captain General of that region.
      Other early migrants to the New World bearing this
      surname included Juan de Alvarado, who sailed to
      America in 1511.

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      rights reserved

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      arms/family crest products


      Tell Me More
      Bibliography - References used for our surname
      View sample history for: Donovan, Gauthier, Kowalski,
      MacGregor, Perelli, Schmidt
      Family Crests and Coats of Arms: History
      Family Crests and Coats of Arms: the Heraldic Artist
      Family Crests and Coats of Arms: Timeline
      Family Crests and Coats of Arms: Elements
      Family Crests and Genealogy: how they relate


      Learn More

      Aragon, which is a region of northeastern Spain in the
      Iberian peninsula. Aragon has a proud cultural
      heritage and its own unique language. In 1137, the
      regions of Aragon and Catalonia united to form the
      Crown of Aragon, whose illustrious line of kings led


      Following the decline of the Roman Empire, in the 5th
      century AD, the Visigoths came to control the
      peninsula. Part of the Visigothic legacy to Spanish
      civilization was the introduction of the institution
      of monarchy. Several centuries later, in 711, the
      Visigothic kingdom in Spain was invaded...


      Spain, which is presently a state that includes the
      Balearic and Canary Islands and is in southwestern
      Europe, was originally settled by the Iberians. In the
      first millennium BC, the Celts, who were from central
      Europe, invaded and began to mingle with the native


      In 420, The Visigoths captured Spain from the Vandals
      and proudly returned it to Rome. Unfortunately, 18
      years later the Suevi overran the peninsula.

      In 456, the Visigoths under Theodric II reconquered
      most of Spain...


      Sancho III the Great (Navarre) 1000-1035
      Ferdinand I the Great (Castile) 1035-1065 (Fernando)
      Sancho II the Strong (Castile) 1065-1072
      Alfonso VI the Valient (Castile) 1072-1073
      Urraca (Castile) 1109-1126
      Alfonso VII the Emperor (Castile) 1126-1157 More


      Adams, Nicholson B., John E. Keller and Margaret W.
      Jones. Spanish Literature. Totowa, NJ: Littlefield,
      Adams & Co., 1974. (Donna's)

      de Atienza, Julio. Nobiliario espa�ol: Diccionario
      her�ldico de apellidos espa�oles y de t�tulos
      nobiliarios. Madrid: Aguilar, 1959. (Robarts


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      dmartin@... thought that you would be interested
      in the houseofnames.com website. If you have any
      questions let us know at melissaw@...

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