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Was Taraology now Erdology the month of Alhaz

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    Allow me to tell you want Erdology means. The information listed below is the information I have gathered through more than 10 years of private independent
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 13, 2004
      Allow me to tell you want Erdology means. The information listed
      below is the information I have gathered through more than 10 years
      of private independent study into the runic Futhark. Trying to
      figure out its secrets. Trying to find out what was behind the
      vault door of the name runa itself. What I found was a set of
      counts, set at very specific points where the earth moves in its
      orbit around the sun. These points, are as follows; the seasons
      there the earth is on its rotation around the sun, the months there
      are 24 based starting at Litha one of the 8 sabbots a year putting
      Fehu the first symbol of the 24 with Litha being mid summer in the
      middle of the month of 15 days and then counting 23 months more,
      which leaves 5.4 days unaccounted for. Take the most important
      sabbots the ones that affect this world the most and add the 5.4
      days to those months of 15 days making them 16 days long. Now there
      is a great deal more to this map than just the brief description I
      have written in this paragraph as well as in the extremely brief
      information I have written in the document that follows this
      paragraph, but the point is, you get a starting place, and for this
      erdology which is instead of studying the effects of the heavenly
      bodies that are outside this planets atmosphere, this is all about
      studying the effects this planet has on this planet.

      A note on the concept of what the Electro-Magnetic fields we live in
      are about. This planet has an Electro-Magnetic field, or else this
      computer would not work, since this computer needs to have an
      understanding of electricity which is a form of a focused Electro-
      Magnetic current. The earth goes through certain very specific
      cycles on its elliptic around the sun, and the moon around the
      earth. The fields that the earth goes through I have attempted to
      chart out their meanings as well as how they work together.

      The first thing I want to address to everyone that reads the
      following. The future is what ever you make it. You choose the
      decisions that make your future. Even not deciding is still a
      decision. So even though these Electro-Magnetic field maps are
      generally set, you still have to make your own decisions about what
      you want, need, and desire to do with your life. You still have to
      do all the hard work of walking this life. As you walk through the
      various stages of life, various stages of development of personal
      talent, all the stages of personal interactions with everyone else
      around you, you still have to do all the hard work yourself. This
      is a guide to help you navigate through your life easier.

      What the calendar is: this calendar is my attempt to understand the
      creation of the Nordic Germanic runic/Elder Futhark. See I knew
      that the items involved with the runic half month calendar were just
      flat out wrong, not out of being designed to be wrong, they were
      translated to be wrong. See when the calendar was translated into
      Julian, the Julian calendar was off by a few days, so the runic half
      month calendar was off by a few days. When it was translated into
      Gregorian, our western world current calendar those off days stayed
      So I looked to the past to reverse engineer how the calendar could
      have been made, knowing that it could date back to the end of the
      last ice age. More likely it dates back farther but that is not
      something up for debate that is just speculation on my part. I
      looked at the year and divided that up into the runic 24 characters,
      numbering 15 days, and 5 months of 16 days. This is all fine and
      good but the problem is none of the symbols matched what was
      happening at that time of the year. So I took it upon myself to
      think, well if this is a calendar based on the sabbots of a year,
      there are 8 at the equinoxes and the equinoxes are where the
      calendar was created from in the first place. Then Litha would be
      in the first month. Knowing also a bit about the ancient northern
      European religions, they do not start their festivals as the first
      day, they have their festivals where the sabbots are in the middle
      of the festival. So I took this as a engineering key, and put Litha
      directly in the middle of Fehu, I did a bit of counting and putting
      each of the months into place, paying attention to the months who
      were already at the 16 day mark and noticed immediately that the
      months that had 16 days corresponded to that major sabot. I knew
      immediately that I was on to something, that the ancients did in
      fact bury their secrets in plain sight, waiting for the children of
      Heimdall to climb out of the tree after Ragnarok. This is our time
      to shine.

      So here is how this information applies to you. This section is
      about how the Futhark calendar will help aid and assist you in your
      everyday life. Astrology is based on the movements of bodies of
      influence outside this planet. But this Erdology is not about
      outside this planet this map is about tracking the Electro-Magnetic
      fields of this planet and how they affect you. This is not
      divination this is, Electro-Magnetic facts.
      By telling you what to expect from this world around you; you can
      then make decisions on and about what you want to be doing with your

      Archaeology, antiquity, anthropology, history. I begin this
      paragraph with the understanding that the runes if you look at them
      logically with just a bit of archaeological evidence could not
      possibly come from 200 c. e. . For one there is too much evidence
      to suggest they did not exist before hand, for two something this
      complex and machine like takes longer than the Europeans had to
      invent it, for three its really hard to invent something at all when
      you are under constant attack, researchers need quiet time to think
      and contemplate that which they want to think about with out the
      need to concentrate on if they are going to be killed soon or not.
      Fourth all the books I have read all the papers I have read all say
      this sentence translated into a form of Latin at a given date.
      Sometimes the date is a day in a month in a year by some priest sent
      to convert the heathen. Fifth what did the inquisition and Vatican
      burn if there was no language, no written information, and no
      education? What was so threatening they had to burn it? Sixth who
      was killed as being a witch or heretic and why if they had no
      religion, no formula of communication why did those priests and
      priestesses need to be executed to keep them silent if they did not
      have some form of prelatin language. Seventh, why do the Edda's
      state suddenly Odin hung on the tree, the runes suddenly appeared.
      But Freya knew them? Freya was a Vanier, the Vanier were there long
      before the ¯sir got to Europe. And the Vanier culture looks a lot
      like the archaeological evidence of the Vinca culture which was in
      existence at 6000 bce. Eighth point the Celts the artifacts left
      by the Celts and the Vinca artifacts are remarkably similar, and we
      know from archaeology that the Celts were slowly driven from all of
      Europe into the British isles by invaders. All these points add up
      to the runes are much older then the 200 c. e. we have been told my
      catholic historians. As well as there are direct ties to the runes
      and the Celts being much closer than previously thought about.
      Ref notes to Vinèa
      symbols map putting the Vinèa, runes, and Ogham together in one place
      Languages Chart

      Season Tri masculine
      As you come out of the grip of winter, instead of going into the
      grip of spring, the Futhark I found had a balance problem the
      counts just did not add up correctly. So I did some math, and found
      that the time before and after winter there was a missing seasons.
      To check my results in math, always go back to observations of what
      the planet and the things on the planet are doing for confirmation.
      Indian summer and ground hogs day, was all the confirmation I
      needed. That floating time that brackets winter. Then it was even
      more obvious, instead of just going straight from action of spring
      summer autumn, a transition time of a small amount of time
      bracketing winter is needed, in the Indian summer time it's a
      progression into the self. But this time is a progression out of
      the self. Out into the world again. Out of the head and mental
      exercises of the winter and the lessons of the internal and out into
      applying that which was learned during the internal time.
      This tri masculine is about the transition out of the winter
      internal and seeing how to apply that knowledge of the self to the
      world over the course of the next year.

      During this time is important for you to reorganize yourself toward
      the goals you have set for yourself, paying attention so you can
      integrate your new self into the world in a beneficial way.

      O H F z 1 January 13
      23 21 Tri Masculine
      D H U z 2 January 14
      24 20 Tri Masculine
      f n T z 3 January 15
      25 19 Tri Masculine
      u n A z 4 January 16
      26 18 Tri Masculine
      T n R z 5 January 17
      27 17 Tri Masculine
      A n C z 6 January 18
      28 16 Tri Masculine
      R n X z 7 January 19
      29 15 Tri Masculine
      C n W z 8 January 20
      30 14 Tri Masculine
      X n H z 9 January 21
      31 13 Tri Masculine
      W n I z 10 January 22
      32 12 Tri Masculine
      H n J z 11 January 23
      33 11 Tri Masculine
      N n I z 12 January 24
      34 10 Tri Masculine
      I n I z 13 January 25
      35 9 Tri Masculine
      I n P z 14 January 26
      36 8 Tri Masculine
      I n Z z 15 January 27
      37 7 Tri Masculine

      The month, breakdown of how the month works
      1. Fehu: the first day of the month this is a day to set the
      priorities of what you want to be doing over the course of the next
      15 to 16 days.
      2. Uruz: the focus your strengths into the priorities you have
      set down
      3. Thurasaz: the create good boundaries for your pursuit of
      what you want to be doing
      4. Ansuz: the establish a good base of communication and seeing
      the world around you to see just how to apply that which is your
      wants to apply
      5. Raido: the start the journey of what you want to be working
      6. Kannaz: the learn from your past experiences as to how to
      apply that which you have learned
      7. Gebo: the connect with others around you so that you can see
      how to put forward that which you have been seeking a way to put
      8. Wunjo: the allow some emotion to come into today. For
      without emotion to help the guidance you will not get anywhere
      9. Haggalaz: the remember the past, remember where you come
      from this day.
      10. Nauthiez: the take all that you have experiences in the last
      bit of time and combine all that into a good solid idea of setting
      forward with what you want to do.
      11. Isa: the make a long term plan for what you want to be at
      next time this cycle comes around. Next month, next year, next when
      12. Jera: the see the timing and the cycles of life, allow
      yourself to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. See
      what from the past you have accomplished and what you want to
      accomplish in the future.
      13. Eiwaz: the now that you are nearing the end of this month,
      thing about what you have been wanting to create for yourself. What
      can you put into place and create for the long term on the
      priorities you have set this month.
      14. Pertho: the start to set those in place, the long term goals
      15. Alhaz: the see how you can start to set those goals in place
      over the long haul period of time.
      16. Sowillo : this is the extra day of a month. During those
      months with 16 days, you need to spend this day thinking about what
      happened during this time, think about what you did and be very
      intent on learning from where you are now. So you can improve your
      position over the course of your path till the next 16 day month.

      *** important note***
      for southern hemisphere, peoples line up your calendar according to
      the sabbot, apply meanings accordingly, the calendar starts at
      Litha, then around to Beltain. So that would be Litha in Dec your
      longest day and Yule in June your shortest day.

      This is the month of Alhaz.
      January 13 January 27

      This is a profound month to open ones eyes to all the possibilities
      that life has to offer you. Come open your eyes to all the
      possibilities that are under the rainbow. And experience that which
      life has to offer you. But to experience it you must have an open
      mind, and alert sense to see the door for the trees. Since sometimes
      the opportunities do not look or feel the way you think they should,
      you need to be totally aware of your surroundings to see what you
      have been missing. Awareness of everything and anything that is
      around you needs your total and complete attention at this time.
      During this time the northern hemisphere is out of the winter cycle
      and is preparing for the coming year with a season that is designed
      around the concepts of application of what has been learned during
      the winter cycle.

      1. Personal Months: If you were born during this time this is
      what you can expect from the next 16 days in your life.
      F Fehu June 13-28 1 Litha 1 16 Tower
      This begins the first month you are born during a time of
      establishing boundaries for yourself. Your life will be about
      establishing personal boundaries and personal understanding of what
      your path is, what your life is, and what is important to you. Your
      life will be about getting to know what your priorities are, what
      are your ethics your responsibilities, where do your loyalties lie.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      This is the month of personal sight into your future world. Keep
      both eyes on the world, you have spent so much time on your inner
      world that your outer world needs your devoted and complete
      attention. There are items of supreme importance happening around
      you, to be in the best position to take advantage of these items the
      most important thing for you to do is, keep an eye on the ball of
      your life.

      i. U Uruz June 29 July 13 Strength
      This is a life of Strength, figuring out how best to apply that
      which is your strong suit of strength. Apply that strength badly,
      you will become harder to be around for you always push your will
      around, apply that correctly and you are a strong force for what
      needs to happen around you.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      To act or not act is the question of the time. During this specific
      time frame, what you need to be doing almost entirely, all thought
      feelings emotions, and the like need to be all but totally devoted
      to the pursuit of just exactly how do I apply all that I am to the
      world in the correct way. Right now, it is absolutely essentially
      for you to use all that will, strength, determination,
      understanding, brute force you have down there in yourself and look
      before you leap. Look around, see what is truly happening in your
      life and area, using your brain before you use your brawn is always
      the best idea. So eyes open, move at the correct time, not just
      when you think you should move. For there is a puddle below your
      next step. Awareness of your surroundings will help you to avoid
      stepping into it.

      ii. T Thurasaz July 14 28 Hierophant
      Boundaries, this is a time for those born during this time to
      understand the basic concept of safe boundaries; for it is the
      essence of safe boundaries that is what Thurasaz is all about. The
      line between what is ok, and what is not, to who it's ok and to who
      it is not ok. These are the questions that will need to be answered
      on a daily basis by the people born during Thurasaz.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      Ok, you have been with in yourself for the last many months. You
      are finally at a time to stop the internal focus and the internal
      absolute attention and direct yourself into the idea that surprise
      there is an entire world around you. You need to be out there in
      the world exploring that which is yours to explore. Eyes open ready
      to accept the data that is yours to accept. See what is truly out
      there beyond your previous eyes open state. Then see it as it truly
      is, see that which is yours to see as it is, not as you would like
      it to be, but as those objects in your surrounds truly are.

      iii. a Ansuz July 29-Aug. 12 Hanged Man
      Communication and connection with the unknown and the known. This
      is the time for those born during this time to truly understand and
      recognize that their path is the path of connecting the unknown, the
      mystical and darkness with the light of understanding. Go forward
      and communicate, make the connections that need to be made.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      Communication and seeing the world anew is the key to this time for
      you. This is the best, most intense, and glorious time for you.
      Take all that you have been working on during your internal time.
      And now seek out the real world with you new found ideas, plans,
      motivations, and the new you. Its time to come out of your cocoon
      and present yourself to the world a new. You will be surprised at
      your reception. As well as how well your plans will work now and
      the very same plans did not work near Samhain. It's all in the
      approach and the way the plan was structured.

      iv. r Raido Aug.13- 27 2 Lughnasadh The Fool
      Journey, to finish tasks, to walk with what you understand to be
      correct; to allow yourself and others to walk that which is the
      correct thing to do. The journey is the important thing during this
      time. To put one foot in front of another is the lesson of the
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      Your next step in life is the most critical decision you will make
      over the course of the next year. For the journey you are on, this
      is the critical time. The very next step will determine the path
      you take till you can readjust for next year at this very time.
      Instead of working against and try and rearrange for yourself, just
      know that this it the time of year for course corrections. Any
      other time of the year and its only mildly successful, this is the
      very time of year where you need to be totally focused on where do
      you want to go. All the other questions are meaningless, the only
      question right now important is, what is the course for the next
      year, take this month and set the course. But most of all take
      courage in your convictions, when you want to back out, too late,
      the course is set and the pattern is full. No deviations till this
      time next year. So decide well as to what course is best for all
      involved. You have already done the internal work, it's time to
      work on the external world, for clues as to where to navigate best,
      eyes open on the cart of the world, not of your life. What are the
      realities of the world around you, not what you want to do but how
      best to steer a course to go there.

      v. c Kannaz Aug. 28 - Sept 11 Magician
      Learning and wisdom, people born during this time are the wisdom
      seekers; those that want and wish to partake in the concept of going
      from ignorance into the learning process. These people are forever
      learning, in their own way. Sometimes it's regimented and
      scholastic, other times they learn best by the pure experience of
      being in the middle of the situation and learn from being in the
      middle. But learning is this person's goal in life.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      Ok, deviation time. You have reached a point in your life that is a
      bit on the important side, take that knowledge that you have gained
      and put together over the course of the last winter cycle and apply
      all that knowledge to seeing what the world has to offer to you
      know. Instead of looking at your surroundings with blind agreement,
      take a look around you, for it is in taking that look around you
      that you can and will be able to see what is truly in store for you
      over the coming year.

      vi. g Gebo Sept 12-27 Lovers
      Partnerships and connections, connect between opposing positions,
      opposing poles, or simply differences of opinion, this person is a
      go between, a negotiator; someone who spends their life making
      partnerships, agreements, connections with all around them. Let's
      see what we can all do here.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      Lets just see about this, that is your assignment for this month
      lets just see about this. You need to spend this month with the
      entire concept of stop, look, listen, see, feel, make mental notes
      of every single detail of your surroundings, everything happening
      around you right now you need to instead of charging forward. Stop,
      sit, and do that other thing you are the best at, the purity of
      observation. Turn on your mental video recorder and just hit
      record, there is no reason to make decisions right now about what
      you are in observation of just keep looking around.

      vii. W Wunjo Sep 28 Oct 12 3 Mabon 2 16 High Priestess
      Emotional: This person is the most emotional person around. So
      knowing you are emotional be with your emotions, be solid and strong
      with being emotional. People born during this time it is vitally
      important for you to constantly and continuously be with your
      emotional state of being. So do not try to not be emotional be
      emotional, just do not let others around you control your emotions.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      You have been having a hard time of it as late, but do not worry,
      things will be picking up very soon for you. Right now, you are
      coming out of a huge internal emotional state, which was cool, hard
      but cool. Now you are going into a time when you need to apply all
      those lessons you have learned about yourself to the world around
      you. It has come time for you to just sit back and be extra
      ordinarily cool about all that is a part of you, so you can look out
      into the world with a fresh new perspective. And see all that is
      fresh and new about the world.

      viii. H Haggalaz Oct 13 – 27 The world
      The past, this person has a keen understanding of not only the past
      but finishing up projects that are put in front of them. This is
      the beginning of the feminine 5th season. This is the time of year
      for going with in to contemplate that which has been done over not
      only the last year but also to contemplate that which has occurred
      over your lifetime.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      You are a great person, for you are in the unique space to be able
      to offer and tell all those around you what your observations are of
      the way things in this month are. So do that thing you are the best
      at, observation and see the world. And when asked answer the
      question with your best and most complete concepts of what you have
      seen. This will lead to some incredible growth experiences, and
      some opportunities that where previously impossible. But you have
      the correct time and place for opportunity to come a knocking, and
      when it does, do not hesitate to give a full report on all aspects
      of everything you see.

      ix. n Nauthiez Oct.28-Nov 12 4 Samhain 3 16 The
      The present, this is an interesting time for those born during these
      times. This the time of Samhain. The sabot of Samhain is the time
      of femininity or focus on the feminine of the self so that you can
      go into a creative cycle during the coming winter. This is the half
      of the 5th season. This person is keenly interested in what is
      happening now. What is the present situation, what happened in the
      past and what can be happening in the future. These are all highly
      interesting and needed items for people born during the month of
      Nauthiez to work with during their lives. All that is the now all
      that can be the now; keen interest is the present.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      For this next year, deeply set your self into the idea that you are
      in the position of a lifetime. You are there, where you need to
      be. Use all the tools, skills, and organizational abilities you
      have assembled over the course of your life, and see how the world
      around you truly ticks, as you do so, see just how you can fit into
      that world. As you do that even more, start to see just how this
      entire concept becomes a very distinct reality. And how you fit
      into that reality around you every day all the time. Then make a
      plan for the next year, and most important stick to the plan.

      x. i Isa Nov. 13 – 27 The Hermit
      Future: People born during this time are future people, people who
      have a profound understanding of building ideas, concepts, models,
      and ideas for what to do with the future. Seekers for tomorrow.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      Now that that plan you made last month and see just how you need to
      apply it, or start to apply that knowledge to the future. You have
      such a gift for organization that instead of organizing your
      thoughts organize the world around you by the simple idea of see the
      world the way it is, so that you can proceed into that world with
      your plan, the best and most efficient plans are those that are
      molded to be set into how the world works not a plan that is made
      ignoring the world around. So alter your plan into how the world
      works at this point.

      xi. J Jera Nov. 28 - Dec. 12 Death
      Timing and cycles, people born during this time are keenly
      interested and devoted to the cycles of things and the cycles of
      life. What happened yesterday and what will be happening tomorrow
      and how the 2 tie in together.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      Combine your understanding of the timing and cycles of life, into
      the idea of how life works. See this is a great month for you, since
      you get the opportunity to truly see how everything in this world
      functions, you get the chance to see the mechanism of the world
      work. So just see it, see how the big picture works, and then take
      that knowledge into the coming year, and apply all that is you to
      that mechanism you saw during this month.

      xii. I Eiwaz Dec, 13 – 28 5 Yule 16 Temperance
      Creation, this is an interesting time since this is the time of
      Yule, and the happenings which take place in and around Yule are
      there very much for the person to work with and around. Just as in
      the day midnight, this is mid year. This the half way point for the
      year, what people born during this time are concerned with the inner
      times, they are inward turned people who spend a part of their lives
      in the search for inward understanding, and inward balance.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      This is a difficult month for you have to do the thing which is at
      times the hardest for you to do. What you have to do is, just sit
      and watch. For what you will learn by just sitting and watching will
      tell and teach you more than you can possibly imagine about how
      creativity and creation works. This is a great month for you, so
      take advantage of this month, pull up a chair and do that thing you
      are good at but is sometimes tedious, observation.

      xiii. P Pertho Dec. 29- Jan 12 emperor
      Application of skills learned, people born during this time are
      people that are keenly interested in applying that which they know
      to the world. To identify what they like, to learn as much as they
      can about what they like, and then apply what they know to the world
      about the skills they have learned.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      To go forward in this world, over the next year. What do you need to
      do, well I will tell you. Go onto your porch, or equivalent area,
      get comfortable. And take this month into the whole realm of
      observation. See it is your task this month to see how everything
      comes together in a harmonious balance between the creative, the
      application of that creative, and what happens after those 2 mix.
      See there is always a dance happening around us. That dance is the
      dance of balance, the balance between the creative and the
      application. What this month is for you is to see how that balance
      is working in your world. So that you can then go and apply all
      that knowledge to yourself, and then you can see how to create and
      apply that which you want to create and apply to your life.

      xiv. Z Alhaz Jan. 13 – 28 The Moon
      Awareness of the world around them in spades, people born during
      this time have a built in sense of the world around them. Not
      anything else just a sense of the world which is around them. They
      have a keen awareness of the world. Not how to apply that
      knowledge, or how that knowledge affects the self, or even, if this
      is a good thing or bad, those lessons why are learned along the path
      of life. No they have the keen understanding of the purity of
      awareness of their surroundings.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      Your birth month. This is an incredibly important time for not only
      is it your birth month which is a time for another year of
      experience and work with. But its also a time to do your yearly
      reprioritization of not only who you are, where you are wanting to
      go, what you are wanting to do, but also what you are willing to do
      in order to get to where you want to be at this point next year.
      And bring up that old plan from last year and see what worked and
      what did not. And see how to do things a bit differently so you can
      then go about making the accomplished and not quite done correctly a
      little more weighted with accomplishments next year.

      xv. S Sowillo Jan. 29 - Feb 12 6 Imbulc The Sun
      Knowledge, this is another interesting time, this is the other end
      of the 5th season. A time of masculine application of what one has
      learned. Adding days is put here. People born during this time
      are profound knowledge seekers, people that just about no matter
      what will seek out new things, new knowledge, new wisdom, new
      things, to learn that which is unknown in just about any way
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      Intelligence, wisdom, earned hard knocks experience. All these items
      are the very definition of what you need to be working on reviewing
      this month. What do you truly know; this is the one month out of
      the year where brutal honesty is the only true ticket worth its
      weight. The rest of the year it's not absolutely vital to be honest
      and completely truthful with yourself. This month if you are not
      truthful, you have nothing, for its only truth and wisdom earned the
      hard way which will guide you into your future with a straight
      path. Anything other than total brutal honesty will lead you to the

      xvi. t Tiwaz Feb 13 – 26 Direction
      Direction, People born during this time are keenly interested in the
      application of taking what they know and applying that which is them
      to the world; to their surroundings, to the world around them and to
      all that is.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      Take the tack of just take a really hard look around you this
      month. Your action needs to be directed at just exactly how are you
      going to apply all that which is you to the world around you without
      causing too big a wake which is not good for action. Leaving a
      trail of disruption is never good. The best momentum ideas, what
      the absolute best thing for you is to concentrate full hard as to
      reducing the drags that are a part of your life. For a good solid
      flight an anchor is the last thing you need. And is the first thing
      which will cause damage to not only you but everything around you.
      So the painstakingly detailed observation skills you are good at,
      well its time to apply those skills, and not do much movement this
      month. For any good flight the aircraft needs to be thoroughly
      inspected and carefully maintained, this month is designed for you
      to carefully inspect the world around you. Seeing just how the
      machine of your life works.

      xvii. B Bircano Feb 27-Mar 13 7 Eostar 5 16 Empress
      Growth, this is an interesting time for this is the last of the
      Litha year 16 day months. This Eostar is all about growth and
      building for the future. Taking that which has been thought up and
      created during the winter cycle and applying it. People born during
      this time need to be aware that they are being born at a time of
      incredible growth and advancement, a time of it's still cold but
      winter is over this is now spring; a time of new growth and new
      experiences. So people born during this time are geared toward
      growth and building new and interesting things. What ever
      interesting new things they can dream up this is what this month is
      all about, new thoughts, dreams, emotions, ideas, just new stuff,
      and applying those new things to the world.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      For best results this month, just let go of the ranges and just see
      everything around you. For a good birds eye view of the world
      around you in all its glory and nastiness is exactly what the doctor
      ordered. So just see it all. With out any need to make any actions
      for those actions will come in time. And the items which need to
      happen will happen in all good time. Right now just take a second
      on top of the mountain and see what that mountain has to offer for

      xviii. E Ewaz March 14 – 29 Chariot
      Movement: People born during these times are people of a rather
      profound sense of movement and time. They are never quite happy
      just sitting back and relaxing with themselves they are always much
      more interested in the movement of what can happen. The movement of
      where they can fit in and how to fit in to the world. Moving things
      is the point to people born during these times, the priorities of
      movement. Be it an action job or watching things move.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      While streaking through this month, take some time to pause and
      see. Just the purity of taking a good solid look around you. To
      just observe your life, observe the world, observe the people in
      your life. Just see as you pass by what is happening. For a quick
      glance will lead to what you need to see.

      xix. M Mannaz March 30 - April 13 Star
      Know thyself: that is the key to this life. To have the definition
      of a profound understanding of not only who you are but where you
      want to go. People born during this time are people who have a
      profound sense of self, based on the culture into which they were
      born. Their task through life is to know thyself, which is quite a
      hard task if you think about it.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      Seeing the outside world as it truly is. Nothing more or less.
      Just a glimpse into the world. You have spent entirely too much
      time in your head, thinking contemplating, organizing, and making
      plans about what you want to be doing. Well its time to instead of
      making plans, just see the world. See what its all about, see what
      all the fuss of the world is all about. The more you do that the
      better absolutely everything around you will be.

      xx. L Laguz April 14 – 28
      Flow, people born during these times need to have a profound
      understanding of how things in the universe flow; to be able to
      grasp their place in the universe and be settled and secure within
      their frame of reference. What and how things flow in the universe
      and how each person in that universe flows is the point to this
      persons lessons. The more they know about themselves the more they
      can then accomplish in this world. One can not have enough
      knowledge or data about how they fit into the flow of everything.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      At this time during this month, see the big picture of life. Allow
      yourself to dream the impossible dream. For this is the month for
      you to be seeing that unobtainable goal and start to see just how
      over the course of the next year it's not only possible but most
      likely to happen. But to achieve that goal you must look big now.
      Dream big, and then see how its possible.

      xxi. N Ingwaz April 29-May 13 8 Beltain Judgment
      Intricate detail, this is Beltain, growth and fertility, people born
      during this month are drawn to the smallest details of life. They
      are drawn to concentrate on the minutest of details, both in the
      world and in their surroundings. For fertility is truly found in
      the smallest of details in this world, and by tracking the smallest
      of details and keeping track of all the little things in this world
      is when this person is ok with life. When everything on the
      smallest level adds up to that which is acceptable.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      As you have for months now but instead of looking at the small
      picture of your life internally, see the details of the world around
      you. It's time to marvel at all that is around you. So see how
      beautiful the days have become. So see the wonderment of all that
      people around you and what they do with their lives. See all that
      is great and glorious in this world you live in. That is your task
      for this month.

      xxii. O Othallo May 14 - 28
      Stability home and heart, people born during this month are drawn to
      the existence and understanding of a solid and balanced home.
      Stability is the key to this persons entire existence, if they are
      out of balance nothing works but if they are in balance then there
      is no catastrophe big enough to throw this person off their centered
      with in themselves.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      In order to stabilize your house and home, and truly get comfortable
      there, what you need to do is instead of looking to solve problems
      at home. Solve them outside, take care of the stuff that is
      happening out beyond your property line this month. But before you
      can charge into the mix, stop look listen to that which is happening
      just beyond your property. Just beyond your personal sphere of
      influence. Look there for what you have been missing in your home.
      And then solve those problems.

      xxiii. d Daggaz May 29 - June 12 Wheel of Fortune
      Cycles end, people born during this time are absolutely keenly aware
      of the duality of life, the end and beginnings of all. They are
      absorbed into the realization that for a beginning you have to have
      an end. For there to be balance there needs to be a twin, the end
      of the old and the beginning of the new. People born during these
      times are often conflicted between the balances of the cycle of
      life. They have a foot in the old and a foot in the new and it is
      often times harder to balance between the old and new then most
      people can comprehend.
      Personal Month: What you can expect to happen to you during this
      To see the big picture one must stop what they are doing, or where
      they are going, and just take a really, really good look around. So
      this month, just stop doing whatever you were doing or thought you
      were doing and just look to the world around you for what is truly
      happening in the true world that is around you. See that which you
      have not seen before, imagine that which was not possible before,
      but mostly see all that the world has to offer the good and the bad,
      just to be able to see that which is the reality of what and how you
      need to fit into the world in the future.

      For those that read this, this is a column, I send the same report
      out to hundreds of email groups. So its virtually impossible for me
      to track all the on line correspondents of more questions. So
      please if you have questions, email me or find me on the web.

      For more information contact me T Shawn Welling
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