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RE: [gothic-l] Re: "Umlaut" in Gothic?

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  • Егоров Владимир
    * No doubt, Nestor is worth reading. Of course, he could not think out everything
    Message 1 of 12 , Sep 24, 2003
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      No doubt, Nestor is worth reading.
      Of course, he could not think out
      everything written in the Original
      Chronicle. There are some real facts
      in the underground.

      But still, when reading Nestor, I'd
      suggest you to investigate three
      startling personages of the chronicle.
      The chronicle mentions a ringleader
      Vadim Khrabry (killed by Ruric in
      Novgorod) and two jarls Ascold and Dir
      (co-rulers in Kiev murdered by the Rurik's
      successor Oleg). These personages put
      an idea into my head. Pay please your
      attention to resemblance of three names
      with personages of the Scandinavian epos:

      Vadim Khrabryj - (V)odin Radbard (Raudbard)
      Ascold -- Skjold
      Dir - Tyr.

      Other parallels fortify this resemblance.
      Odin Ra(u)dbard (alias Vadim Khrabryj)
      was represented as a konung of Gardariki
      or Austrriki (i.e. Initial Russia) in Edda
      and Hrolv Passenger Saga (I beg your pardon
      for possibly incorrect spelling of the saga
      title). Skiold and Tyr (alias the Kiev
      co-rulers Ascold and Dir) were sons of Odin,
      and Odin designated Skjold as a konung of
      Reidgotaland, which might be identified
      with the Gothic realm (e.g. of Ermanaric)
      on the territory of modern Ukraine.
      (All this has been written in more detail
      in my brochure "Rus and Rus again", but it
      is in Russian.)

      So, I can repeat following you:
      we have much work ahead of us.

      Good luck!


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      Hi Vladimir!
      I can only agree with you.
      I have understood that these ideas started already during the 19th
      century but were officially supported later on.

      We have much work ahead of us. I am trying to gather all sources I
      get hold of on my research library. Unfortunately, as you have seen,
      most of it is in Swedish, The Russian documents I can't read.

      About Nestor, I have it in front of me.
      However one has to read it very carefully as he is mixing religion
      with actual happenings.


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