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[gothic-l] Re: personal names

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  • Pamela E.M Maddison
    ... From: Neil Fulton To: Sent: 02 August 1999 17:27 Subject: [gothic-l] personal names ... Here s another masochist
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      From: Neil Fulton <nfulton@...>
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      Sent: 02 August 1999 17:27
      Subject: [gothic-l] personal names

      > A friend of mine asked me the other day for some information
      > about Gothic naming practices, and I realised I didn't really
      > know very much about the subject. She's apparently already
      > exhausted the possibilities of lists of kings and their
      > families, and was looking for other sources. (She writes semi-
      > fantasy/semi-historical novels, and needs names for characters.)
      > I said I'd collect some Biblical names, but the more I looked
      > at them, the more strongly I felt that transliterations into
      > the Roman alphabet of tranliterations into the Gothic alphabet
      > of tranliterations into the Greek alphabet of originally Hebrew
      > names lacked a certain something authenticity-wise.
      > I'd welcome any suggestions.
      > (BTW, I live in Oxford, so I can get access to some heavyweight
      > libraries if I really have to, but I always look for an easier
      > option first.)
      Here's another masochist who could do with the same information for much the
      same reason. I think we would need to be careful about Biblical names: I
      found a few facts out during general research into the 5th century that I
      fully intend to make use of:
      By the mid 5th century the Eastern church had banned the reading of the Old
      By the end of the 5th century the Western church had followed suit.
      This does not, of course, apply to the Goths who were Arians, but certainly
      as far as the Visigoths in Spain were concerned, they seemed to be very
      assiduous about using Germanic names (changing to Roman names if, as
      individuals, they converted to Catholicism)
      Furthermore, there seems to have been a split between Ostrogoths and
      Visigoths in one respect: the Ostrogoths (in particular, Theoderic or
      however you want to spell the name) were possibly the least antisemitic
      group around, and the Visigoths were the worst. So whereas Ostrogoths might
      conceivably use Biblical names, I very much doubt that Visigoths would.
      Actually, what I could really do with is Burgundian names. In general, I've
      been reduced to making lists of name-elements according to whether they can
      come first or second or stand alone, and selecting at random, but this isn't
      really satisfactory.
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