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  • Ingemar Nordgren
    Dear Carlos, Fell welcome to the list!I am glad you wrote about this. I was in 1992 on a research trip searching traces of the Visigoths, specially stelae and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2002
      Dear Carlos,

      Fell welcome to the list!I am glad you wrote about this. I was in 1992
      on a research trip searching traces of the Visigoths, specially stelae
      and stone sculpture and later I published an article on the topic. I
      visited also Coimbra with it's beutiful peacocksculptures in the
      Cathedral upholding a Visigothic tradition. Still better, however, was
      Braga with a wonderful lapidarium and a well preserved Arian, visigothic
      chapel. I also went to Merida with its marvellous Visigothic lapidarium
      and also a Roman-Visigothic museum. I had earlier visited Narbonne,
      Carcassone, Leon and other places in Asturia and Toledo for the same
      reason. You live indeed in a wonderful historical milieu in the old
      Visigothic realm in Portugal and Spain. Woluld like to know more about
      the office and background of the Counts of Coimbra. Since this is also
      the oldest university in Portugal the city ought to have a great history.


      > Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2002 09:28:02 -0000
      > From: "mazgallos" <cdecarvalho@...>
      > Subject: Counts of Coimbra ?
      > Good Evening,
      > This is my introducing message.
      > I've been following my ancestors roots for about 20 years, deriving
      > inevitably to their environment which has been for hundreds of years
      > as
      > farmers by the inland mountains of northern Portugal, around Viseu
      > area, 100
      > km from Porto.
      > The research on male line, quite surprisingly to me, lead to a church
      > patronage (gave away in the 17th century during the Spanish
      > occupation). The
      > origin of this patronage is traditionally attributed to Paio Carvalho
      > (Pelagius Karvalio), probably son
      > of Tructesindo Vermuiz #, the former was present in a dozen documents
      > by the
      > second quarter of the 12th century.
      > Going further back, at least one Portuguese manuscript*, and other
      > genealogical works**, relate this Paio Carvalho to the Counts of
      > Coimbra (or
      > more correctly Judges of Coimbra), via Hermenegildo Mendes /
      > Hermenegildo
      > Guterres, who supposedly descended from Witiza (or his brother
      > Sisebuto), one of the last Visigoth
      > kings, his issue remaining in Coimbra during the Islamic rule.
      > Now, before you delete all this and throw it into the "another
      > delirious
      > genealogy fool" basket, I have to tell you I believe to have evidence
      > of
      > some kind of gothic relationship not only to this family but to the
      > region
      > itself. You must understand however that not being a scholar, or even
      > a
      > professional on the subject, some space must be allowed for ignorance.
      > If you think this would be pertinent to the discussion group please
      > let me
      > know, so that I can develop further my (numerous) doubts, questions
      > and (a
      > few) certitudes.
      > Thanks a lot,
      > Carlos Carvalho
      > Sorry but all sources are in portuguese
      > # denotes inedit conclusions
      > * Manuscrito da Casa de Telho, described in Felgeria Rubeas - Eduardo
      > de
      > Freitas - Felgueiras 1985
      > ** Works of Jose Anes Arnado
      > ** Nobiliario de Familias de Portugal - Felgueiras Gayo - Braga 1992
      > (3rd
      > volume title Carvalhos)
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