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  • Alex Loepp
    Hi Robert, According to A Gothic Etymological Dictionary anaks is a compound of ana (prep) + k (as in ajukduths,ibuks) + s (comparative suffix). See
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 9, 1999
      Hi Robert,
      According to "A Gothic Etymological Dictionary" 'anaks' is a compound of
      'ana' (prep) + 'k' (as in ajukduths,ibuks) + 's' (comparative suffix). See
      the listing for A144 in the above cited work.
      "Gotisches Woerterbuch" by Koebler lists *akan (meaning 'drive' or 'pull')
      as a conjectured verb in Gothic, but does not relate it to 'anaks'
      Hope this helps!

      Alex Loepp

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      My name's Robert Orr. Actually, I'm a Slavist with a sort of amateur
      interest in Gothic. I'm writing a paper on Slavic etymologies, working
      with a fairly tight deadline, and I find I need to ask a question in
      rather a hurry.

      I would very much appreciate it if someone could give me the
      etymolog(ies) of Gothic anaks - suddenly. Is it a compound of "ana"
      and the root of ak - "drive" (not sure if attested in Gothic, I do know
      Old Icelandic aka).

      Thanks very much in advance,

      Robert Orr

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