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  • Sigmund
    Dear Francisc, You seem to wonder how I had picked up that little crumble about the Slovenian claim to descense from some early non-Pripjat slavs? So do I! I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2001
      Dear Francisc,

      You seem to wonder how I had picked up that little crumble about
      the Slovenian claim to descense from some early non-Pripjat slavs?
      So do I! I guess it was while searching of Croatia for remnants of an
      elusive Danube fortress, named Teutoburgium*, allegedly from the time
      of the incusrsion of the Cimbri-Teutoni-Ambrini and possibly Harudi
      around 120 to 113 bc. As we know they beat the Romans at Noricum
      on the south side of the Austrian alps 113. The tribes holding that territory
      at that particular time were celtic (worshiping a female deity with great
      resemblance to Nerthus by the way). Close by to the south, in to-days
      Slovenia and in most of the interim within the power sferes of Austria
      and Hungary, was found the hoard of helmets called the Negauer Helms
      with that lemnic-like inscription <harigastiteivaalIII> meaning probably
      that the owner was Harigast under Teiu in the third cavalry regiment,
      according to Italian epigraphists, well, approximately, because I have
      nothing left from my search. My hard disc broke down at this point,
      post or propter (no it was through a jolt by Thor, a <Tordön>).
      While attempting to reconstruct the region's history at those times I
      came across this source in some local Slovenian newspaper discussing
      this claim of two researchers who wrote some book to the intent
      that not only was the Slovenian people slavs to-day, but that they
      were descendants of some early slavic population, entering there
      centuries before the great slvaic migrations into the former Yugoslavian l
      Judging from the response from established historians they have been
      met with considerable doubts about their seriousness and as I can
      remember it they had very little, if anything, new to present source-wise
      but rather built their case on re-interpretation of well known stuff.
      If you are interested in exploring this further I might help you to find
      the sources.


      *PS Yes I found it on a 19th c. map!

      Frncisc wrote:
      > it seems that my message was lost in the previous reply, so I post it
      > again.
      > I didn't know about this claim of the Slovenians, but I can not take
      > it seriously.
      > The Veneti of the modern Veneto/Venezia region were not Slavs and
      < became relatively early romanized. There were no Slavs in the area
      < before the "ordinary" great slavic migration.
      > Francisc

      --- In gothic-l@y..., "Sigmund" <sigmund@a...> wrote:
      > Thank you so very much, Francisc,
      > Glad you took your time. Your answer was highly elucidating and gave
      > a prompt answer to my questions, and much of it was welcome news to
      > You probably know that modern days' Slovenian claim to be
      descendants of
      > non-Pripjat slavs, having migrated to this area north-east of Italy
      long before
      > the "ordinary" great slavic migrations and living alongside with
      celtic tribes?
      > I don't know what evidence they have for it and it is of course less
      > tangential here in this forum, but I came to think of it when you
      referred to
      > "(probably Illyrian) tribe of the Veneti (the name is also connected
      with the
      > name of the region Venetia, now Venezia in NE Italy".
      > Sclavus tue,
      > Sigmund
      > PS Glad you disregarded my anachronistic treatment of Jordanes. More
      > that in my reply to Andreas Schwarcz. DS
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