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Germanic and Lappish/Samic

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  • Anthony Appleyard
    Ante Aikio wrote to Indo-European@xkl.com :-
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2001
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      Ante Aikio <anaikio@...> wrote to Indo-European@... :-
      > However, there are lexical correspondences between western Uralic and
      > Germanic which have no further etymologies in either language family, e.g.
      > Germ. *saiwa- ~ Samic *saajvê 'fresh water', Finnic *kauka- 'long' ~ Germ.
      > *hauha- 'high', Germ. *ailda- 'fire' ~ Samic *aaltê-nkê-ssê 'lightning'.
      > But all of these can be explained as borrowings in one direction or the
      > other, so there is no special reason to asssume separate borrowing from
      > some substrate language in these cases.
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