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  • M. Carver
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2000
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      Kimberly Dawn wrote:
      > Hello!
      > I'm afraid I won't be able to compose any messages in Gothic for quite a
      > while. Until yesterday I wasn't aware any of the language had survived. I
      > am thrilled to find that I was mistaken! The Goths, their culture, history
      > and religion, have been a passion of mine from the moment I learned such a
      > group existed. My heart was beating in overdrive when I found a language
      > database and this "club" yesterday! I'm hoping to learn the language of my
      > ancestors, and I'm more than excited! I would also like to learn more about
      > their religion (before their conversion to Christianity, this topic has
      > always seemed a little obscure. I am looking forward to being involved in
      > this e-group and I thank you for welcoming me!
      > -K. Goth
      > P.S. Could anyone inform me of where I could find the most complete and
      > authentic dictionary of the Gothic language? If I'm going to attempt to
      > learn this, I'd like to get it right!
      > Thank you so much!
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