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[gothic-l] Re: Gothic concordance

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  • Magnus Hreinn Snaedal
    I hope the Concordance will appear at any day now. There has been a delay as the press pringing it finds it difficult to print a limited number of copies of
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 1, 1999
      I hope the Concordance will appear at any day now. There has been a delay
      as the press pringing it finds it difficult to print a limited number of
      copies of such a big book! But before the end of this week, I hope.


      At 07:41 31.1.1999 -0000, you wrote:
      >What is the latest news on the Gothic concordance, Magnus?
      > <> wrote:
      >Original Article: http://www.egroups.com/list/gothic-l/?start=47
      >> For those attemting to revive the Gothic language 'A Concordance to
      >> Biblical Gothic' must be of great help.
      >> M.Sn.
      >> http://www.hi.is:80/pub/malvis
      >> By
      >> Magnús Snædal
      >> The Institute of Linguistics, University of Iceland and The University of
      >> Iceland Press will publish this complete concordance to biblical Gothic in
      >> two volumes.
      >> Volume I (100 pages) contains an introduction and the Gothic texts the
      >> concordance is based upon. The concordance includes all Gothic texts in
      >> what can be called Biblical Gothic, i.e. the Old and New testament
      >> fragments and the Skeireins, the Gothic Calendar and the Deeds from Naples
      >> and Arezzo, the Gotica Veronensia and the Codex Vindobonensis 795. This
      >> means that Gothic runic inscriptions, Crimean Gothic, etc., are not
      >> The text underlying the concordance is based on the text in Streitberg's
      >> edition (Die gotische Bibel, 6th edition, 1971), i.e. the text of the Old
      >> and New Testament fragments. The texts of the minor fragments are taken
      >> from other sources. These, as well as other deviations from Streitberg's
      >> text, are explained in the introduction.
      >> A lot of emendations and corrections have been made to the text, especially
      >> the text of the Pauline epistles from the Ambrosian manuscripts. The
      >> introduction contains an overview of these emendations.
      >> Volume II (1257 pages) contains the concordance proper, which is of the
      >> type 'keyword in context'. It is a fully lemmatised concordance containing
      >> all the words in the Gothic texts mentioned above. All syncretisms have
      >> been disambiguated. The examples of each word are arranged according to
      >> grammatical category and then ordered alphabetically according to the
      >> following context.
      >> The price for pre-publication subscription is 150 US$
      >> (Please subscribe before Nov. 30, 1998)
      >> REYKJAVÍK 1998
      >> For information and subscriptions please contact:
      >> Phone: + 354-525-4003
      >> Háskólaútgáfan Fax: + 354-552-1331
      >> Háskóli Íslands, Aðalbygging E-mail: birna@...
      >> IS-101 Reykjavík or:
      >> ICELAND E-mail: malvis@...
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