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[gothic-l] Re: AncientSites: Sounds cool, but...

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  • Tim O'Neill
    ingeborg s. nordén wrote: original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/gothic-l/?start=1787 ... Ancient ... knowledge ... free ... in
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 4, 2000
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      "ingeborg s. nordén" <runelad-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/gothic-l/?start=1787

      > > The 'Germania' group on Ancient Sites is discussing setting up a
      > > Germanic 'tribe' there. For those who aren't familiar with it,
      > > Sites is a themed online community for people interested in ancient
      > > history. Members can choose which 'city' they want to 'live' in -
      > > Rome, Athens, Egypt, Tara - and then choose a 'family' or 'tribe'
      > > before setting up a 'house' for themselves. It's quite a nice idea,
      > > though the enthusiasm of the people there far outweighs their
      > > of history, so it tends to be big on friendliness and outward show
      > > rather than substance. I'm there mainly because of the 20 MB of
      > > web server space you get with membership.

      > "Germanic" and "Celtic" are not the same thing, as anyone who's been
      in my
      > online rune classes has heard once too often. I know the hosts are
      > concerned with historical accuracy than with providing a *place* for
      > buffs to meet. Still, the fact that Germanic and Celtic cultures
      have a
      > common ancestry (and have influenced each other) is no excuse to
      imply that
      > they are interchangeable. "Tara" indeed!

      I don't think anyone there has claimed that 'Celtic' and 'Germanic' are
      the same thing. 'Tara' was formed because of a very large number of
      people who are interested in the ancient Celts - both the real ones, the
      new age version of them and popular conceptions of them from various
      'Arthurian' fantasy novels. When it emerged that there were also a
      (much smaller) number of people interested in the Germanics they set up
      a discussion board on 'Tara' because it seemed a more appropriate
      than 'Egypt' or 'Babylon'.

      The discussion about setting up some Germanic tribes on 'Tara' began as
      a proposal about setting up a separate Germanic 'city' alongside 'Tara'
      for precisely the reason you mention - Celts aren't Germanics and
      vice versa. Unfortunately AS is already growing too fast and 'the Gods'
      have put a stop to any more additional cities until they can consolidate
      things a little. Trying to set up some Germanic tribes alongside the
      Celtic ones (just over the Rhine I suppose) is a compromise.

      > Be that as it may...has anyone in the Germania section added the
      Svear as a
      > "tribe" yet? If they have, count me in--a Germanic reference in my
      > would sure *look* better for the runic teaching site I currently have
      > Geocities.

      I could suggest the Svear, though most of the people on Germania are
      interested in the west Germanic tribes - the Cherusci are a big
      (something to do with the defeat of a certain Varus I gather). My
      suggestions about setting up Ostrogoths and Visigoths has recently got
      some support from a leading member, so that may happen after all.

      Tim O'Neill
      Tasmanian Devil
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