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[gothic-l] Re: HIST:Gauts and Eruli

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  • got@yesbox.net
    =?iso-8859-1?q?bertil_h=e4ggman?= wrote: original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/gothic-l/?start=1487 ... Hails,
    Message 1 of 10 , Jan 1, 2000
      "=?iso-8859-1?q?bertil_h=e4ggman?=" <bertil.haggma-@...>
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/gothic-l/?start=1487
      > The migration from Scandinavia likely took place
      > around the Birth of Christ. It is probable that small
      > groups continued to migrate during the Era of Great
      > Migration from southern Scandinavia to the continent.
      > The Goti and the Eruli arrived at the Black Sea between
      > before 200 AD and started raiding the areas around
      > the Black Sea and around Greece some time ca. 250 AD.
      > It would be interesting to know more about the claim that
      > Gotlanders migrated to the Black Sea area 400 AD.
      > Gothically
      > Bertil Haggman

      Hails, Bertil!

      What I meant was that the Gotlanders were probably emigrating around
      280 AD, when it is mentioned in the "Gutasaga", that one third at this
      event were emigrating. Around 280 AD, you also see a decrease in the
      settlements, graves etc(the first building stages of
      Torsburgi-fortress, is actually dated to around 280 AD). The people
      must have taken some time on them to reach the Black sea. So at least
      until the end of 300c and beginning of the 400c, people were probably
      moving out. But I wouldn´t be surprised if people were moving out to
      the prosperous Black sea area also much later in the 400c.

      > Many scandinavians might have
      > emigrated, and the period 300-500c AD sees a drastical reduction
      > settlements, agriculture. On the same time the amount of weapon
      > to increase dramatically(Mårten Stenberger). Scandinavians
      appears to
      > be in contact with the turmoil on the continent, and also taking
      > I think that the gauts and the "gutar", feeling a relation to the
      > goths, might have emigrated to the Black sea until 400c. A source
      > mentions "Rodulf" of the "ranii", probably people of "Ranriki",
      today´s > Bohuslän, travelling to the ostrogothic empire. A
      reference about Tiode-
      > rik(who for the norsemen seems to have been a great hero)on the
      > runestone. That could explain the expansion of the gothic empires
      > the Black sea, constantly getting settlers from the starving
      > (Norway and Denmark too?). The "America" of that time?
      > Jutes might have been included among the "geats" in Beowulf,
      because it
      > might have been difficult for anglosaxons 2-3 days travel from
      > homeland at least hundred years later to separate between the
      > *gauti-gutans or *gautans? and *jutans? It is possible that jutes
      > also included in the term:"west-danes".
    • Troels Brandt
      In January there was a long discussion about Heruls. My purpose is not to bring up that kind of discussion again, but I promised to explain my unproven theory
      Message 2 of 10 , Jul 11, 2000
        In January there was a long discussion about Heruls. My purpose is
        not to bring up that kind of discussion again, but I promised to
        explain my unproven theory later on.

        The article is too long to be put on this list, but interested
        listmembers can find it as a homepage:


        To avoid a repetition of the earlier discussions, listmembers are
        welcome to mail directly to me.

        My article brings up some similarities between ON / OE names and
        names of Herulian, Gothic and Lombardian kings. I have not used them
        as arguements, as I have no expertice in that field. If someone
        reading the homepage is able to help me, I will be grateful.

        Bertil and I have earlier mentioned Ingemar Nordgren, who wrote a PhD-
        assertation about the origin of the Goths in 1999. For the benefit of
        the Scandinavian listmembers I can tell that a book containing most
        of his assertation is now going to be published in Swedish by the
        publisher: Historieforum Västra Götaland, Göteborg. The
        is "Goterkällan. Om goterna i Norden och på kontinenten".

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