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Moneta publications, next meetings, videos on line

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  • Georges Depeyrot
    Dear All I am pleased to inform you that the first group of the 2012 volumes of the Moneta collection ( www.moneta.be) are now available
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2012
      Dear All

      I am pleased to inform you that the first group of the 2012 volumes of the
      Moneta collection (<http://www.moneta.be>www.moneta.be) are now available
      (volumes 131-140):

      J.-L. Dengis, Trouvailles et trésors monétaires en Belgique,
      136, XII. Région Wallonne, Antiquité celtique et romaine, supplément 1,
      2012, 170 pages ISBN 978-94-91384-04-2 € 55
      138, XIII. Région Wallonne, Du moyen âge à 1794, supplément 1, 2012, 320
      pages ISBN 978-94-91384-06-6 € 70

      131, I. S. Prokopov, The Silver Coinage of the Macedonian Regions, 2nd –
      1st century BC, 2012, 322 pages ISBN 978-90-91384-00-4 € 70

      Great Britain
      137, Ph. Walton, Rethinking Roman Britain: Coinage and Archaeology, with a
      preface by Richard Reece, 2012, 274 pages ISBN 978-94-91384-05-9 € 90

      Documents and Studies on 19th c. Monetary History
      France: Ministère des Finances …, Enquête sur les principes et les faits
      généraux qui régissent la circulation monétaire et fiduciaire (Paris,
      133, Volume I, G. Depeyrot, ed., IV+8+846+4* pages ISBN 978-94-91384-01-1 € 180
      134, Volume II, G. Depeyrot, ed., IV+8+896+4* pages ISBN 978-94-91384-02-8
      € 180
      135, Volume III , G. Depeyrot, ed., IV+8+484+4* pages ISBN
      978-94-91384-03-5 € 120

      132, Reports of the Imperial Mint (Osaka),I. (3rd - 16th years of Meiji)
      (1870 – 1883), M. Kovalchuk, G. Depeyrot, 2012, 384 p. ISBN
      978-90-772797-99-5 € 75
      140, Selection of British and US documents (1857-1898), M. Kovalchuk, G.
      Depeyrot, 2012, 220 pages ISBN 978-94-91384-08-0 € 60

      General Conference
      139, Moneys and Economies during 19th Century(from Europe to Asia),
      Proceedings of the Round Table of the "Silver Monetary Depreciation and
      International Relations" program (ANR DAMIN, LabEx TransferS), Paris, ENS,
      January 13-14, 2012, G. Depeyrot ed., 2012, 208 pages, ISBN
      978-94-91384-07-3 € 60

      A second group of volumes (# 141-144) is now in press for autumn and a last
      group will be published in winter 2012 (# 145-150).
      See also the website Silver Monetary Depreciation and International
      Relations – <http://www.anr-damin.net>www.anr-damin.net with online videos
      of the École Normale Supérieure meeting on 19th c. monetary history.
      The next meeting will take place at the Casa de Velazquez (Madrid) in May
      2013 (see the website <http://www.anr-damin.net>www.anr-damin.net).
      The 2014 meeting will be in Osaka.

      You can have a look on the 140 previous volumes on numismatics (all
      periods) and monetary history (all continents) on www.moneta.be


      Georges Depeyrot

      Georges Depeyrot (CNRS/ENS/UMR 8546)

      http://www.anr-damin.net [videos of the presentations on line now]
      http://www.moneta.be [2012: vol 131-140 published, 141-144 in press]


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