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Re: [gothic-l] There is/Is there...?

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  • Brian Smith
    Wisan is cognate to Old English wes which means be, is, are as in the phrase wes thu hael or be thou whole/hale . Its Old Norse cognate is ves . ...
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      Wisan is cognate to Old English "wes" which means "be, is, are" as in the phrase "wes thu hael" or "be thou whole/hale". Its Old Norse cognate is "ves".

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      Hailai allai,

      If I might interrupt the exchanges that concern Easter, and which I have followed with interest, to answer a recent enquiry about how to say "there is/are": here are examples from the Gothic gospels.

      John 6:9, 7:18, 8:44, 8:50

      Luke 9:27, 15:10, 18:29, 20:27

      Mark 4:22, 7:4, 7:15, 9:1, 10:29, 12:18, 12:31, 12:32

      In all these except Luke 15:10 a form of "wisan" is used with nothing to correspond to the English use of "there". The wording corresponds closely to that of the Greek. In Luke 15:10 "wairthith" represents the Greek "gignetai".

      Gerry T.

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      Subject: [gothic-l] There is/Is there...?

      Is this phrase attested in Gothic?

      Perfect example: "Is there a phrase denoting the existence of something?" The
      German equivalent is "Es gibt/Gibt es...?" Which makes me wonder if it is some
      strange difference of wording in Gothic as well.

      Any thoughts?


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