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Re: [gothic-l] Hirjan???

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    About hiri and its kin: Lehmann tells us that hiri is used as an adverb meaning hither (Greek deuro) in John 11:43 and that elsewhere it translates the
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      About hiri and its kin:

      Lehmann tells us that "hiri" is used as an adverb meaning "hither" (Greek deuro) in John 11:43 and that elsewhere it translates the Greek imperative "erkhou" (come). There are also a dual "hirjats" and a plural "hirjith". We are told that these are "massively discussed" words with two problems, one being the maintenance of -i- before r. A proposed solution, though not, it seems, by any means the only one, is that the letter may have been kept because of the analogy with "hidre". In effect the forms we are concerned with may be derived from something corresponding to English "hither" after loss of the middle part of the word.

      Gerry T.

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      Is there a word 'hirjan' (or smth like that) meaning to come here?

      What I suppose the attested forms are imperative. Hiri! and/or Hirjats!

      = Come here!

      A strange thing is ofcourse the combination 'ir' which never occures in gothic.

      It's always 'ai' before r.

      Is it a typo?

      Should it in stead be hairi, hairjats etc?

      Or is it maybe hidrjan and hence hidri!, hidrjats?

      All connected to hidre = hither, to this place.


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