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New books and new links on the Moneta (Wetteren) website

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  • Georges Depeyrot
    Dear listmembers, The e-papers section of the website Moneta http://www.cultura-net.com/moneta is updated. The Revue
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2008
      Dear listmembers,

      The "e-papers" section of the website Moneta
      <http://www.cultura-net.com/moneta>http://www.cultura-net.com/moneta is

      The Revue numismatique (1958-2003) is available on internet. Go to the
      "e-papers" section and use the link in "Generalites". The texts of the
      Revue numismatique are in various languages.

      Two new volumes of the "Collection Moneta" are announced in the
      "nouveautes" section.
      - The inventory of Roman silver coin hoards in Romania (Gordian III/
      Aurelianus) in French (272 pages)
      - An inventory of the publications of the main Roman hoards (IIIrd c.
      BC/Vth c. AD) (142 pages)
      These books will be published in August.

      Moneta has published 8 books since January 08. A new group of books will be
      announced in autumn.

      Do not forget to leave your email address on the Moneta website
      ("newsletter") and to bookmark the site.

      Georges Depeyrot
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