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8502Re: [gothic-l] Re: a Gothic poem (verse 3)--syntax, word usage

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  • David Kiltz
    Sep 2, 2005
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      On 31.08.2005, at 03:00, Le Bateman wrote:

      > Volume I Grimm's Teutonic Mythology. Reprint of the 1876 edition.
      > Le

      Thank you very much.

      llama/ Arthur:
      On the note of Gothic 'to dream'. No, I can't find an attested form
      either in the Gothic corpus. However, next to _*draum-, draugm-_
      consider derivatives of PGerm. _*sweƀnaz_ (swebnaz_). In the OldEngl.
      poem 'Dream of the Rood' we find the expression "...swefna ... hwaet
      me gemaette", thus, a dream 'that met me'. So Arthur might, perhaps,
      as well consider using something like _*swibns_ as 'dream'. As for
      impersonal expressions like 'methinks/ mich dünkt', it should be
      noted that in (archaizing) NHGerman it's 'mir träumt' with dative,
      not accusative. In Icelandic it's the accusative e.g. 'mik dreymdi

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