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8498Re: [gothic-l] Re: a Gothic poem (verse 3)--syntax, word usage

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  • Jacob L. Bateman III
    Aug 30, 2005
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      Der Bruder Grimm war Jakob; Die Titel auf Das Buch war Die Teutonisch
      Mythologie. Ich weiss nicht Was das veil oder kapitel war. Gott Im
      Himmell! Die Titel auf Das Kapitel war Gott. Kapitel Ein Ich Glaube.
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      Subject: Re: [gothic-l] Re: a Gothic poem (verse 3)--syntax, word usage

      On 28.08.2005, at 06:25, Le Bateman wrote:

      > Isn't that form guð instead of guþ? Grimm seemed to think it was.
      > He said
      > the Goths dereived their name from guð. Which is the word for God.
      > Le

      There is no ð in Gothic. At least, there is no special sign for it.
      The question of _grammatischer Wechsel_ (Verner's Law) is somewhat
      disputed. At any rate, Gothic shows the (most probably) voiceless
      interdental spirant þ. Grimm would refer to the Proto-Germanic form.


      P.S. Could you give the reference, please ? That is, which of the
      Brüder Grimm and where it is said, so I can check it ? Thanks !

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