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8496Re: [gothic-l] Re: a Gothic poem (verse 3)--syntax, word usage

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  • Le Bateman
    Aug 30 6:00 PM
      Volume I Grimm's Teutonic Mythology. Reprint of the 1876 edition.
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      On 28.08.2005, at 06:25, Le Bateman wrote:

      > Isn't that form guð instead of guþ? Grimm seemed to think it was.
      > He said
      > the Goths dereived their name from guð. Which is the word for God.
      > Le

      There is no ð in Gothic. At least, there is no special sign for it.
      The question of _grammatischer Wechsel_ (Verner's Law) is somewhat
      disputed. At any rate, Gothic shows the (most probably) voiceless
      interdental spirant þ. Grimm would refer to the Proto-Germanic form.


      P.S. Could you give the reference, please ? That is, which of the
      Brüder Grimm and where it is said, so I can check it ? Thanks !

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