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  • Егоров Владимир
    Jul 3, 2003
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      To Francisc Czobor

      Hi, Francisc!

      I dare add a couple of comments to your translations
      of the word 'Goth' / 'Gothic' in diverse languages,
      specifically regarding Russian.
      (Probably you need to apply the Cyrillic coding
      to see some spellings properly.)

      >>> Russian: got, pl. goty, adj. goticheski

      1. The Russian language has two adjectives for 'Gothic':
      a) 'готский' [gotskij] that means general belonging
      or relation to the Goths;
      b) 'готический' [gotit?eskij] with the restricted use
      concerning the late medieval (12-15 cc.)
      architecture and type.

      2. Old Russian knows the Goths as 'гъты'
      (attested in some treaties of Novgorod and Smolensk
      with "the Gothic Shore and Latin Language", 13th c.).
      I am at a loss here for a transcription.
      Anyhow, the consonant is undoubtedly [t]
      while the vowel might be something between [o] and [a]
      though a sound like [o] is also probable.

      Best regards,

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