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11120Re: [gothic-l] Epithets used for Theodosius, for Constantinople, etc.

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  • marja erwin
    Dec 5, 2013
      On Thu, 2013-12-05 at 06:20 -0800, OSCAR HERRE wrote:
      > dude goth was their lingo.......and the goth weren't big in
      > assimilating other races......they were like the mafia you
      > know......our own thing....together we live and together we
      > die........

      I don't think we're working with the same facts here.

      First off, there's the practical question of how the Goths could emerge
      in Scythia without to some extent taking in other peoples. Second, there
      are people who are known to be Goths who either weren't of entirely
      Gothic descent, such as Wulfila, or have non-Gothic names, such as Saba,
      Lagariman [I believe that's west Germanic], Farnobius [some branch of
      Iranian], etc. If Saba wasn't considered a Goth, then there would be no
      reason to demand that he sacrifice to Gothic tribal gods. Third, there's
      some suggestion of escaped slaves joining the Goths.

      But the tribal name Vesi turns up in the eastern Notitia Dignitatum, in
      the 390s, and iirc in a few other texts of the same period.
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