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11119Re: [gothic-l] Epithets used for Theodosius, for Constantinople, etc.

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    Dec 5, 2013
      dude goth was their lingo.......and the goth weren't big in assimilating other races......they were like the mafia you know......our own thing....together we live and together we die........

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      Hi Tom,
      If I may suggest two more books for you, which I think are absolutely essential if you want to write a "historically accurate" novel about Alaric:
      "Rome's Gothic wars: ..." by Michael Kulikowski, 2006
      "August 410: ein Kampf um Rom", by Mischa Meyer and Steffen Patzold, 2013
      The second book is in German and I'm not sure if there is a translation.
      Btw, Alaric was probably not a "king", or at least not refered to as king. Also, he was not a Visigoth. The Visigothic ethnogenesis only began in the early 5th century and the term is probably ahistorical during his lifetime. Whether Alaric would have identified as Tervingi is also rather questionable in my view. Clearly, outsiders would have thought of him simply as one of those barbarians from the lower Danube, collectively known as Goths. Also we know that many of his men were not Goths ethnically speaking.
      In terms of language, Alaric will have been a fluent Latin-speaker I think, but to spice up your novel you can of course sprinkle in Gothic words, especially when talking among fellow Goths. Gothic dictionaries are available online. If you would like whole sentences composed, I'm sure some people on this list will be able to help you with that.

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