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11116Re: [gothic-l] Epithets used for Theodosius, for Constantinople, etc.

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    Dec 4, 2013
      I don't know if you get the military history channel.......but they have episodes about the Caesar, the romans, etc and their wars against the different barbarian groups.....they get into it pretty detailed.....they have alaot of good insight to what happened....but these programs are just an hour long so, maybe there is more to be told......I found an old encyclopedia that explained a lot of the Christian-moor wars in spain and it was pretty good explainin stuff like the Christian army was made up of almost all goths and their onset skirmishes mith the moors, etc....

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      Hello Oscar,
        Yes, I knew he  was a Tervingi Goth but in my novel I, of course, must  have him speaking English for most readers to understand the plot and actions.
        I remember reading of some epiteth that the Goths used for Theodosius (something like Rome-King maybe) but I just cannot find it in my reference books on the Goths.
        I have read:  Theodosius, Stilicho, History of the Goths, Barbarians Within the Gates of Rome, Goths and Romans 332-489, and Rome's Gothic Wars.  Somewhere in there was this written, but I just cannot find it.
        I was hoping someone would remember.
        Thanks for your reply.

      On Wednesday, December 4, 2013 1:09 AM, OSCAR HERRE <duke.co@...> wrote:
      Alaric was goth.......an the gothic language was mith him and his leadership......hope that makes sense......

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      Subject: [gothic-l] Epithets used for Theodosius, for Constantinople, etc.

      I am writing a book (novel) about Alaric and I want to try to remain as historically accurate, not just in events, but in speech also.
        I will not have Alaric speaking Gothic, of course, but if I can use some of he phrases used by the Goths to add authenticity to my story, I think it would add much to the book.
        Thanks in advance.


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