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11115Re: [gothic-l] Epithets used for Theodosius, for Constantinople, etc.

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  • Thomas Chelmowski
    Dec 4, 2013
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      Hello Oscar,
        Yes, I knew he  was a Tervingi Goth but in my novel I, of course, must  have him speaking English for most readers to understand the plot and actions.
        I remember reading of some epiteth that the Goths used for Theodosius (something like Rome-King maybe) but I just cannot find it in my reference books on the Goths.
        I have read:  Theodosius, Stilicho, History of the Goths, Barbarians Within the Gates of Rome, Goths and Romans 332-489, and Rome's Gothic Wars.  Somewhere in there was this written, but I just cannot find it.
        I was hoping someone would remember.
        Thanks for your reply.

      On Wednesday, December 4, 2013 1:09 AM, OSCAR HERRE <duke.co@...> wrote:
      Alaric was goth.......an the gothic language was mith him and his leadership......hope that makes sense......

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      Subject: [gothic-l] Epithets used for Theodosius, for Constantinople, etc.

      I am writing a book (novel) about Alaric and I want to try to remain as historically accurate, not just in events, but in speech also.
        I will not have Alaric speaking Gothic, of course, but if I can use some of he phrases used by the Goths to add authenticity to my story, I think it would add much to the book.
        Thanks in advance.


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