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11108RE: Translating Shakespeare

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  • anheropl0x
    Oct 26, 2013
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      Again, thanks a lot! I am moving on to a clue other lines and am curious what you might think. I've been using the verb usbidan for wish, and I'm not sure which case it should govern. Either accusative or genitive (like luston). Also, what would a word like aljis govern? Basically, would you agree with "usbiĆ¾ ni aljis mans", "usbiĆ¾ ni us Aggilalanda man's."There is also the case of would. I wonder if I should simply use the preterite subjunctive of wiljan. The sentence is "I would not lose so great an honor as one man more methinks wold share from me for the best hope I have." Any thoughts?
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