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11107Re: [gothic-l] RE: Translating Shakespeare

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    Oct 25, 2013
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      I think Anherop10 is on to something with "hvan filu".
      Consider Mark 7:36
      jah anabauþ im ei mann ni qeþeina. Hwan filu is im anabauþ; mais þamma eis meridedun.
      and he charged them to tell no-one; but the more he charged them, the more zealously they proclaimed it.
      The Greek behind all this is
       hoson...mallon perissoteron...,
      which seems to be literally
       how greatly...more excessively...
      But to come to the Gothic version: my tentative understanding of the construction is
      Hvan filu...........mais thamma = how greatly.......more by (or because of) that
      I am supposing that "thamma" is to be understood either as a dative of difference or as instrumental in sense.
      Gerry T.
      In a message dated 24/10/2013 23:29:14 GMT Daylight Time, anheropl0x@... writes:

      I found another thing in the same book, under mais. "hvan filu... mais þamma" "the more... so much the more". I don't think this is the best example, but could hvan be a/the key?
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