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11092RE: Duolingo Gothic course? A call for volunteer contributors.

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  • mremic01
    Oct 20, 2013

      So I went poking around duolingo, and I don't see any way to start a course for a new language. It looks like they plan on adding new languages later. Do we have to petition them to add a Gothic option?

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      I didn't know about the incubator feature, which sounds like a great way to fill in duolinguo's lack of less commonly taught languages. I'm definitely interested in this.  

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      A proposal: For anyone familiar with the free courses of "Duolingo" that have become popular this year, their newest project, the "incubator" is a crowd-sourced platform for creating high quality beginning language courses. While creating a course would be time consuming, it has been a dream of mine to create an accessible course to encourage interest from a broader community. 

      I wonder if anyone who has spent more time studying and dabbling with the language than myself would be interested in teaming up with me to volunteer as a course contributor for Gothic? No doubt it would be quite a commitment, but I feel the end result would be worth it. Feel free to respond in thread or to message/email me as you like, I can also be found on the facebook group wherein I have also posted this appeal.

      A link to Duolingo's homepage: 

      And to the "incubator" :

      I thank you all for your kind consideration.

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