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11089RE: expressing thanks

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  • anheropl0x
    Oct 17, 2013

      thank - awiliudon, wv. 2. +dat.; "thank s-one for..." awiliudon ainamma in...(+gen.); "express thanks" thagk fair-haitan, sv. VII. "to" +dat.; (acknowledge, call on, praise) and-haitan, sv. VII.; "for what thanks can we render to the Lord God for you, for all the joy with which we rejoiced for you before" hwa auk awiliude magum usgildan fraujin guda bi izwis ana allai fahedai thizaiei faginom in izwara faura - 1Thess 3,9. 

      thanks - thagks, sm., awiliuth, sn. (gen. awiliudis); "give thanks to" awiliudon, wv. 2. +dat.; "express thanks" thagk fair-haitan, sv. VII.

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      How would a man express thanks (in words) for a gift received?

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