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back again

hello guys the sleeping partner is back once again. i hve been away with the army to the wonderful country of kazakstan. im glad to be back and looking forward
Oct 12, 2007

About Power Kiting

Hello everyone!!! I am going down the beach this weekend if anyone is interested then post a comment and we can both go down the beach and power kite depending
Oliver Eastwood
Nov 25, 2006

Re: Hello

Hi Ollie, and Hi everyone at Gorleston! I heard you had some schweet Easterlies last Monday (alright for those not stuck in an office!) Hope the tourist
Oct 22, 2006


Hi everyone, Thanks for inviting me and accepting me into your website. Duncan also who do i speak to about the insurance for power kiting? Thanks Ollie
Oliver Eastwood
Oct 18, 2006

Re: matrin payne : its a bit long but worth the read

i know how you feel Duncan!! I still can't get hold of him and he's supposed to be putting me on a swimming coaching course, oh and then there's the whole
daddys girl
Jul 19, 2006


hi guys ive not been out for a while went and broke a couple of ribs lol very painfull cant pull or push so im buggered been down watching you guys though have
Jul 18, 2006

the weekend

the wind for the weekend is forcast as an EASTERLY the tide is good for the afternoon/tea time i have got the time to go down there ! but because the forcast
Jun 8, 2006

Re: matrin payne : its a bit long but worth the read

[:O] well what can i say to that? [:O] has he upset you duncan? good luck with your new venture as "the local hi-energy sports co-ordinator" look forward to
Jun 8, 2006

matrin payne

its a bit long but woth the read hi peeps its Duncan (ginger haired guy flys radsails) i know youve not herd much from me latly but i have had heavy work
Jun 7, 2006

Re: ralphs message

hello ralph! I AM GLAD TO SEE THAT THE CLUB SITE HAS NOT BEEN FORGOTTEN ABOUT i think there is alot of smoke without the fire ! look at last summer they were
Mar 15, 2006

GorleBeach much crowded this summer?

Hi folks. Rather dusty round here ... See this article ( goto photos and enlarge) in this week's local press. Mr Martyn Payne is the owner of a powerkite shop
Mar 9, 2006

New toy ! for your pc

hello all, i have to say that this summer has been poor for us kiters so far,lets hope that it will all change soon. i found this the other night(as i have
Aug 19, 2005

kellers norwich

Just spoke to bloke at shop they got 1 nash 30mt at £495. and 2x 14 mt at £355., sorry about the spelling mistakes. This are also kite surfing kites.
lianne + tony Watts
Aug 9, 2005


we have the easterly wind at 15 to 20 mph we have a extra low tide at around 6:30 pm who could ask for more?? not me!!!!! but someone has! we have got bloody
Jul 24, 2005

your chance to vote for the biggest poser

"your chance to vote for the biggest poser" just go to POLLS down the left hand side of the page. who is the biggest poser now then,Duncan?
Jul 23, 2005
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