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GB2223: Saturday 10 June: Traditional Japanese Dance Performance at Netherhall House

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  • gordonbeal
    Message 2223: SATURDAY 10 JUNE (late afternoon/early evening): TRADITIONAL JAPANESE DANCE PERFORMANCE (NIHON BUYO) at NETHERHALL HOUSE (free event, but booking
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2017
      Message 2223:
      SATURDAY 10 JUNE (late afternoon/early evening): TRADITIONAL JAPANESE DANCE PERFORMANCE (NIHON BUYO) at NETHERHALL HOUSE (free event, but booking with Hiropi required by 10pm on Wednesday 7 June)
      (Optional) Meeting, Transport and Venue Details:  Meet Gordon on Saturday 10 June, between 4.20pm and 4.30pm, at Finchley Road tube station (Jubilee and Metropolitan Lines, Zone 2) in the ticket hall. If you live near the London Overground Richmond to Stratford Line, you may wish to use Finchley Road and Frognal station instead, and then make your own way to the venue
      We will go to Netherhall House, Nutley Terrace, NW3 5SA. For a map showing the location of Netherhall House, click on http://tinyurl.com/2h2j35 . Parking near this venue should be relatively easy.
      The Event:  We will watch performances of Nihon Buyo (a form of traditional Japanese dance) performed by teacher Hiroko Tanaka and students of Wakayagi-ryu Nihon Buyo. There will also be a guest performance by Kimonodego de Oirandochu ( http://kimonodego.com ). You can see a flyer at http://www.uk.emb-japan.go.jp/japanuk150/events/theatre/WakayagiRyu2017Spring.html . 
      To read about Nihon Buyo, click on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_traditional_dance and scroll down. To get an idea, you can view a video of their performance at the 2015 Japanese Matsuri at Trafalgar Square at https://youtu.be/tvIWO0MmLiY .

      Timings:  The doors will open at 4.45pm, and the performance will start at 5pm and end at about 6.30pm.
      Booking:  Please reserve your seats by e-mailing Hiropi by no later than 10pm on Wednesday 7 June, at hiropilove@... *[with e-symbols phoneticised: hiropilove "at" gmail "dot" com]. Please use the following subject heading (including my initials, so that the organisers know how you know about the event): "Sat 10 June: Nihon Buyo/GB". In the text of your message, please give your full name with your family name in UPPER CASE letters (to facilitate the arranging of the guest list in alphabetical order by surname) and state the total number of seats you are requesting. You do not need to give the names of your guests (just the total number). You should expect to receive a reply within about 24 hours.
      Important:  Please do not book unless you are sure that you will be able to attend, and arrive on time. However, if having booked, you find that you (or any of your guests) cannot attend, please let Hiropi know as soon as possible so that your seat(s) may be offered to others. To do so, use the same e-mail address, but include the word "cancellation" in the heading and your name and the number of places you are cancelling in the text. To minimise the wastage of places, just before the start of the performance anyone who was unable to book will be allowed to take any empty seats. This means that if you have booked but arrive late, your seat(s) may have been given to others.
      Netherhall House:  Netherhall House ( http://www.nh.netherhall.org.uk ) is a residence for male university students. If you have any books (fiction or non-fiction) that you no longer require, they would be most grateful if you would bring them along to donate to their library. You can give them to me and I will pass them on.

      * In case you cannot read the normal e-mail address, I also give it as it would be spoken.
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