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GB2220+Summary: Friday 12 May: Jazz Night at POSK (+ Summary of Future Events)

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  • gordonbeal
    Message 2220: FRIDAY 12 MAY (evening): JANET S JAZZ NIGHT at POSK JAZZ CAFE (special admission price of 4 pounds for Gordon s friends on the door, with no
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2017
      Message 2220:

      FRIDAY 12 MAY (evening): JANET'S JAZZ NIGHT at POSK JAZZ CAFE (special admission price of 4 pounds for "Gordon's friends" on the door, with no booking required)
      (Optional) Meeting Details:  Meet Gordon on Friday 12 May, between 7.15pm and 7.25pm, at Ravenscourt Park tube station (District Line, Ealing Broadway and Richmond Branches, Zone 2) in the ticket hall.
      Venue Details:  Polish Jazz Cafe POSK (Polish Social and Cultural Association), 238 - 246 King Street, W6 0RF. The Jazz Cafe is in the basement. For a map and details of local buses, go to http://www.posk.org/c5/en/contact/how-find-us .
      The Event:  Vocalist Janet McCunn ( http://www.moodindigoevents.co.uk ), a member of my group and known to many of you, hosts monthly jazz events at POSK, and has kindly offered us a generous discount for this month's event. The last time we attended as a group was in January of this year. A house trio, with Nick Lenner-Webster (bass) and Chris Nickolls (drums - http://www.chrisnickolls.com/about ), will be led by pianist Terence Collie ( http://www.tcollie.co.uk ). The first set will feature legendary guitarist Robin Banerjee (former Amy Winehouse guitarist)
      , the second set will feature guest vocalist Spanish-born Noa Alvarez ( http://www.noasingsjazz.com/about.html ) and Janet, and the third and final set will comprise a jam session where musicians are welcome to join in. You can view flyers at 
      http://www.moodindigoevents.co.uk/jazz-cafe-posk-fridays.html and http://www.jazzcafeposk.org/event/janet12may17 (scroll down as necessary). In addition to Jazz, we will hear Blues, Funk, Latin and Swing.
      On Arrival:  Please discreetly mention my name (Gordon) to the person taking the money on the door, and if possible give the correct change (4 pounds). The usual price is 7 pounds. Some of you may prefer to sit near the musicians on the lower level, whilst others may prefer the quieter area near the bar on the upper level. Please note that, as seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, and it is likely to get busy, it would be a good idea to arrive when, or shortly after, the doors open, so that we can try to get seats together. However, there will be an hour to spare after the doors open until the music starts, so you may like to leave something/someone to reserve your seat and then have a drink or a Polish snack at Cafe Maya on the ground floor (this is what I plan to do), but please be aware that this cafe stops serving at 8pm. A limited selection of food is also available from the bar in the Jazz Cafe.
      Timings:  Doors and bar open at 7.30pm; live music starts at 8.30pm; second set starts around 9.45pm after a short break; jam session starts around 10.45pm; event ends between 11pm and 11.30pm.

      SUMMARY OF FUTURE EVENTS (more details nearer the time, except where they have been sent already):

      Thurs 4 May: complimentary tickets to hear pianist Leslie Howard at St. Peter's, Eaton Square, starting at 7.30pm (around 45 tickets will be available to my members on a first-come, first-served basis after the doors open at 7pm - see https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/gordonbeal/conversations/messages/2219 for details - please note that the organisers have asked that you step back from the bar after getting your drink in the interval so that they can more easily deal with the onslaught of people);

      Thurs 11 May, 5.20pm/5.30pm: Russell Square tube to go to SOAS (Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre) for a debate on "Beyond Ideologies: China's Experience in Confronting the Global Environmental Crisis", starting at 6pm and followed by a reception around 8pm (free event, but booking through Eventbrite required and appears to be still possible at the time of posting this message - see https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/gordonbeal/conversations/messages/2218 for details);

      Fri 12 May, 7.15pm/7.25pm: Ravenscourt Park tube to go to Polish Jazz Cafe POSK (details above);

      * Fri 2 June, 7pm/7.10pm: Richmond station to go to Queen Charlotte Hall, Richmond Adult Community College, to hear Gareth Lockrane Big Band in the opening concert of this year's TW12 Jazz Festival, from 7.30pm to 10pm (half price tickets - 10 pounds - for "Gordon's friends", with no booking required).

      * Newly added events are marked with an asterisk (*) 

      Reminder:  To view previously posted events, go to the website ( http://www.gordonbeal.com ), locate the message you want and click on it. Alternatively, you can go to the most recent "Summary of Future Events" (above), scroll down to the date of the event and click on the required message.

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