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GB2210: Thursday 26 January: London Chamber Orchestra at Cadogan Hall

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  • gordonbeal
    Message 2210: THURSDAY 26 JANUARY (evening): LONDON CHAMBER ORCHESTRA at CADOGAN HALL (a limited number of tickets at £5, but booking with the LCO required by
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      Message 2210:
      THURSDAY 26 JANUARY (evening): LONDON CHAMBER ORCHESTRA at CADOGAN HALL (a limited number of tickets at £5, but booking with the LCO required by 2pm on Tuesday 24 January)
      The London Chamber Orchestra (LCO - 
      http://www.lco.co.uk ) has kindly offered my group of friends a limited number of tickets at the very special price of 5 pounds each for the orchestra's next concert, starting at 7.30pm on Thursday 26 January at Cadogan Hall. The LCO is the UK's oldest professional chamber orchestra (founded 1921), and we are lucky to have this opportunity.
      The Programme:  
      The concert will begin with Haydn's Cello Concerto No. 1 in C major. Then we will hear Haydn's Symphony No. 45 in F sharp minor ("Farewell"), and, after the interval, Beethoven's Symphony No. 8 in F major (Opus 93). The LCO will be conducted by British violinist and conductor Christopher Warren-Green ( http://www.lco.co.uk/home/about-us/#ourpeople ), and Hong Kong-born Trey Lee ( http://www.trey-lee.com ) cellist will be the soloist in the cello concerto.
       There will be an interval of 20 minutes starting at about 8.35pm, after the Haydn symphony, and the concert will end at about 9.30pm. For a more detailed description of the programme, go to http://www.cadoganhall.com/event/london-chamber-orchestra-170126 or http://www.lco.co.uk/concerts .

      Getting to Cadogan Hall:  Cadogan Hall is very close to Sloane Square tube station (Zone 1, District and Circle Lines). Turn right on leaving the station, and you should be able to see the hall directly ahead of you. You may like to look at the map and bus details on Cadogan Hall's website: http://www.cadoganhall.com/your-visit/getting-here . The address is Cadogan Hall, Sloane Terrace, SW1X 9DQ.
      Reserving Tickets:  Booking is required to redeem this offer, and John Bowker, the LCO's Marketing and Development Manager, is kindly dealing with booking requests. Please reserve your tickets as soon as possible, and by no later than 2pm on Tuesday 24 January. To do so, e-mail John at john@... *[with e-symbols phoneticised: john "at" lco "dot" co "dot" uk]. Please use the following as your subject heading: "Thurs 26 Jan: Cadogan/GB", and state your full name and the total number of tickets you require (maximum 4 per applicant). Please type your surname (family name) in CAPITAL letters to make it easier for John to arrange the guest list in alphabetical order. You do not need to give the names of your guest(s), if any (for example: John SMITH, 3 places please). John will aim to reply to your booking requests within 1 to 2 working days, and in any case by the afternoon of Wednesday 25 January. Please do not book unless you are sure that you will be able to attend and arrive on time. However, if having booked, you later realise that you will be unable to attend, please e-mail John as soon as possible to cancel. To do so, use the same e-mail address, and include the word "cancellation" in the subject heading and your name and the number of tickets you are cancelling in the text.
      Ticket Price:  You will be asked to pay £5 per ticket. Tickets for this concert normally cost between £10 and £40, so this is a considerable reduction. We will be offered the "best available" seats (mostly £40 and £30 seats), and these are likely to be a mixture of stalls and gallery seats, with the majority in the stalls.
      Ticket Collection:  On this occasion, the main Box Office will be dealing with the payment and allocation of tickets, so on arrival (but not before 6pm) you should go to the Box Office and mention that you are a member of my group. The staff will have an alphabetical list of names. To prevent ticket wastage, at 7.20pm the Box Office will release uncollected tickets to anyone mentioning my name who has not booked. This means that, if you have booked but arrive later than 7.20pm, your ticket(s) may have been sold to someone else.

      Summary of Timings:  6pm - ticket distribution starts and doors to the foyer and the bars open; 7pm - doors to auditorium open; 7.20pm - returns released; 7.30pm - concert starts; 8.35pm (approx.) - interval starts; 8.55pm (approx.) - second part of concert starts; 9.30pm (approx.) - concert ends.
      Suggestion:  The interval is only 20 minutes, so, to save queuing in the interval, you may like to order your interval drinks after you collect your tickets and before the concert starts.
      Before and During the Concert: 
       Please ensure that your mobile phone is turned off!  I will remove offenders from my list. This applies to anyone causing any kind of disturbance that could jeopardise offers of tickets. Sound and movement are distracting to people around you, and anyone who cannot sit silently and still should not request tickets. In particular, please do not bring children unless they can sit still and quietly. Also, please be aware that children under 7 are not permitted in Cadogan Hall.

      Meeting Gordon:  As I will not be required for ticket distribution purposes, you will be able to find me near the bar in the Culford Room (the foyer) from about 6.30pm. I will also be there in the interval. After the concert, I suggest that all those wishing to join me for a drink go to The Antelope ( http://antelope-eaton-terrace.co.uk ), 22-24 Eaton Terrace, SW1W 8EZ. Immediately after the concert, I will wait for people near the bar (which will be closed) in the foyer for a few minutes so that we can go to the pub as a group. When we arrive, we may go upstairs as this room is usually less crowded. To view a map, go to http://tinyurl.com/yh9gky .

      * Because those of you who have not created a login on the Yahoogroups! website, and associated your mailing list subscription with it, find that the end of e-mail addresses disappear when messages are viewed on the website, I am including the email address required for booking places for this concert, using phoneticised e-symbols, such as "at" instead of the @ sign. 

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