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80[Gomelskiy Club] NEW MEMBER!

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  • Jonathan
    May 25, 2003
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      I have decided to introduce myself to the group, although I am not from
      Gomel I am very interested in learning about Gomel as I am to visit
      shortly. I have a lot of Belarussian friends here in the UK but they are
      mainly from Minsk. I really wanted to see and explore the region myself as
      I have read and seen pictures on the web, if you haven't done check out
      Sveta's web page it has lot's there.
      I would be interested to learn of any things people think are noteworthy
      for a visitor to Gomel to either go and see, avoid or take part in. Also
      any advice on accommodation other than the main hotels would be useful. I
      look forward to anyone who has thoughts and opinions and I hope I can post
      my thoughts after my visit too.

      Talk to you later,

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