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GWA's Annual Sao Joao Bash held in Qatar

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      Click the links below, also click on the photo album to view photos:



      GWA's Annual Sao Joao Bash held in Qatar

      Sao Joao feast is celebrated on 24 June annually all over Goa. Those who
      have migrated and immigrated also carry this flavour of celebration in the
      distant lands, thus maintaining a link with their land of ancestors. In
      Qatar, Goan Welfare Association (GWA) celebrated Sao Joao festival on 27
      June 2013 at Al Andalus. Goa may be in the height of rainy season in late
      June, but enthusiasm for the annual Sao Joao festival is never dampened. Men
      and boys jump into wells, ponds and rivers, mimicking the joyous celebration
      of St John's heralding of Christ. The jumping with joy is externally
      associated with the custom, tradition and culture accompanying the feast
      devoid of religious thought. The tradition and culture has no biblical
      roots, it is entirely folklore specific to Goa.

      GWA's president Simon D'Silva welcomed everyone for their fourth annual Sao
      Joao celebration and profusely thanked the main sponsor Melwyn Barretto,
      co-sponsor Milton Pimenta, DJ Glorio, MC Archie D'Mello, Arjun & Anuja,
      guests and well-wishers. D'Silva praised the efforts put in by the committee
      members to organize such an excellent evening within 6 days. Rosario Dias
      led by his group sang "Viva Sao Joao", a song by late C. Alvares with Agnelo
      Rodrigues on the guitar. The unique distinction of this tradition is the
      wearing of colourful wreaths, crowns, coronets, Tiaras of flowers, leaves,
      creepers and with fruits at times. The guests joined in special loud
      colourful attires, giving it a distinct flavour. In Goa, the well used to be
      full during this time of the season; hence jumping only in the wells was
      unique, which is now changed to a swimming pool in Qatar. The jumpers
      retrieved the fruits thrown in the swimming pool and the children too
      participated having fun and learning about the tradition. Of course there
      was a pompous celebration of the guests as one family on the evening of 27th
      June in Qatar. DJ Glorio provided typical music keeping the folks and
      youngsters on the floor continuously till the wee hours in the morning.
      There was the spirit of adventure, revelry, entertainment, creativity, fun
      and pure joy. Various prizes for headgear and other spot prizes were given
      away. Game of the evening was conducted by Delfi Fernandes and fabulous
      prizes were given away. It was a real treat to watch the guests with crowns
      of leaves and varied fruits on their heads. Loads of spot prizes were given
      to the guests. The unique rituals and celebration of this annual event
      provides an unusual glimpse of local custom and culture, made everyone feel
      at home away from home. The depiction of professionally well organised
      events, with lots of fun and incessant entertainment by Goan Welfare
      Association, encouraged guests to demand with GWA to organise more and more
      functions at least one in every month. Guests have appreciated and thanked
      the organizers for an excellent Sao Joao celebration.

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