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Shame on Goa Olympic Association Secretary who wants Sports Associations to be kept outside the purview of RTI

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  • Sandeep Heble
    Dear all, Gurudatta Bhakta, the Secretary of Goa Olympic Association, wants Sports Associations to be kept outside the purview of the RTI Act. In other words,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2012
      Dear all,

      Gurudatta Bhakta, the Secretary of Goa Olympic Association, wants
      Sports Associations to be kept outside the purview of the RTI Act. In
      other words, he wants office bearers of the various Associations to
      hold power without adhering to the basic principles of accountability
      and transparency, which are the hallmarks of a true democratic
      society. If the Office bearers of Associations do not want to be
      answerable to the Public, they need to voluntarily step down and make
      way for others to take over. There can be no different way about it.

      Many Associations today have the same set of members in the managing
      committee for the last several years. Some for more than 10, others
      for more than 20 and yet others for more than 30 years. These managing
      committee members neither want to function properly nor do they want
      to give up their chairs which they are holding on to so tightly. It is
      strange that Mr. Bhakta is trying to stand up for these members who
      have been flouting one law after another and bending one rule after

      Associations have always had a monopoly over the sport. They prepare
      draws, they select teams that represent the State, they have seeding
      systems in place, they make rules, etc and any wrong decision they
      take can harm and ruin a player's career. So when they perform
      functions of public nature, i.e. functions that govern the interests
      of the public, why then must they be held not accountable?

      As such, the GOA Secretary's letter to the SAG Executive Director is
      highly condemnable. The time for transparency and accountability has
      come. We need to come together and stand up to demand more
      transparency and accountability from all our sports bodies.Those who
      cannot perform must perish!

      yours sincerely
      Sandeep Heble
      Secretary, Panjim Tbale Tennis Club


      The full text of Mr. Gurudatta Bhakta's letter to the SAG Executive
      Director is appended below:

      1st August, 2012

      Mr. Elvis Gomes
      Executive Director
      The Sports Authority of Goa,
      Indoor Stadium Complex,
      PANAJI – GOA


      Warm Greetings.

      The matter of applicability of RTI to State Sports Associations was
      discussed at the Annual General Body Meeting of Goa Olympic
      Association. Mr. Vero Nunes of Goa Table Tennis Association brought to
      the notice that the RTI Act as passed by the Parliament is applicable
      when there is substantial funding from the Government.

      The word substantial denotes an amount anywhere between ` 25 lakhs to
      a crore, which is also been given a ruling by the I C.

      The scenario in Goa is that under the provision of RTI people have
      been demanding various information from the State Sports Associations
      for periods extending up to 15 & 20 (fifteen & twenty) years.

      The State Sports Associations are organizations run by Office Bearers
      who have volunteered their services. The amount of grants issued to
      these State Sports Associations reaches barely a few thousand rupees.
      The amount paid towards expenses of participants of various National
      Championships are considered as grants to Associations which is

      The Sports Authority of Goa has vide its Gazette included all Sports
      Associations under the Act.

      The above has created undue inconveniences to all Associations & a lot
      of time, energy & money is wasted on matters which are sometimes

      We therefore request the Sports Authority of Goa to immediately take
      creative steps & issue necessary corrigendum of withdrawal of the said

      Thanking you.

      Yours faithfully,

      Secretary General

      C.C. All Associations registered under G.O.A.
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