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  • Sandeep Heble
    Interview of Smt Bharati Heble, CCP Corporator- Ward 13, in today s Herald(Panjim Plus Edition) Post election, Bharati means business by GERARD D’SOUZA ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2011
      Interview of Smt Bharati Heble, CCP Corporator- Ward 13, in today's
      Herald(Panjim Plus Edition)

      Post election, Bharati means business



      Bharati Heble is the new corporator representing Panaji’s Ward 13. A
      no frills woman, she triumphed at the CCP elections sans any bigwig
      backing. She is all out to straighten out illegalities

      PANJIM: Representing the Corporation of the city of Panaji’s ward No
      13 has never been easy. The stinking St Inez nullah, slums, bad roads,
      violations of open spaces are all part and parcel of this ward.

      And current sitting corporator Bharati seems to have begun well.
      Bharati Heble, the daughter of legendary poet Bakibab Borkar and
      former High School teacher trounced Babush backed Mangala Karapurkar,
      and an independent candidate, Seema Pednekar to win for the first
      time, in this women’s reserved ward.

      Within the first three months of being elected, she has written to the
      CCP Mayor asking him to address the issue of illegal constructions in
      open spaces.

      Heble had sent a letter to Yatin Parekh, mayor, Corporation of the
      City of Panaji ( CCP), raising the issue of illegal structures in open
      space opposite Sameer apartments, near hotel Ameya, Sta. Inez and
      conversion of the open space into a volleyball court, based on the
      complaints from the residents of this locality.

      “ I have raised issues of illegal constructions in my ward. Some
      hutments were built in an open space which serves as a gardencum-
      recreational area for residents of the locality. I filed complaints
      not only with the CCP but also with other government authorities like
      the Urban Health, North Goa Collector, etc.

      Through persistent efforts and issuing some stern warnings, the
      illegal hutments were demolished,” Heble said.

      She has said that it is her love for the city that has kept her going.

      “ I have lived in this city for more than four decades and love it
      dearly. Panjim was once a very beautiful city, an enterprising and
      colourful tourist destination having its own heritage charm. But
      sadly, the city’s condition and shape as of today stands deteriorated”
      she said.

      Speaking on her achievements till date, Heble has said that a lot has
      been done and a lot more needs to be done.

      “ The internal roads in my ward were in a very bad state, and full of
      potholes. We got the road works amounting to around Rs40 lakh
      sanctioned and built.

      Opposite the Church, there was a heritage cross and the CCP were using
      this area to store garbage bins. I raised my voice and got them
      shifted. A pedestrian road crossing with speed breakers on either side
      near the St Inez Church entrance has been another major demand of the
      ward residents.

      Crossing the road to visit the church is extremely arduous for those
      who live in my ward. I moved a resolution for constructing speed
      breakers and got it passed in the CCP Council meeting.

      The actual construction of the speed breakers may take a couple of
      months more, as the file has to move to the office of the North Goa
      Collector for notification and then the process of tendering will
      commence,” Heble said.

      Besides, she has also conducted tree plantation drives in the ward and
      has raised issues like traffic congestion and chaos on the roads,
      particularly near the Caculo Mall, Sharada Mandir School during
      afternoon hours.

      The ward comprises of a part area along the Dayanand Bandodkar Road,
      and part of St Inez area. Like few other wards, this ward is also a
      mixed bag of voters; rich and poor.

      The filth and stench of the nearby St Inez nullah renders the air. The
      ward also has a number of colonies including Tamba Colony, Navketan
      Colony, Greenland Colony, Madhuban, Par.aat and so on. Incidentally,
      this area includes city’s only traffic signals, which were supposed to
      work on solar energy but subsequently got damaged.

      However, for Bharati the journey has just begun.

      “ The first few months were more of a learning exercise for me, as I
      was getting used to the system of governance. In the next few months,
      my priority will be to build a Balwadi School for the children of St
      Inez, a footbridge, footpaths with proper illumination, construction
      of water drains, construction of toilets for some houses, providing
      additional streetlights, etc. I will also raise other issues plaguing
      the city from time to time,” she said.

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