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Re: Re: [goajaycees] IFFI 08: Documentary on M.F. Hussain withdrawn

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  • agnelo menezes
    Dear Jaycee Yogesh Shet, Please note that I have put forth my views in two of my mails sent to you, whereas You have said I should have routed through
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 1, 2008
      Dear Jaycee Yogesh Shet,
      Please note that I have put forth my views in two of my mails sent to you, whereas You have said I should have routed through Goajaycees.com, you may very well forward both of my mails to goajaycees.com and seek cross opinion instead of stating that it is foolish to take the opinion of seniors.
      As a senior jaycee, can I be bias when it come to senior or junior, performer or nonperformer jaycee. 
      If, in my opinion, some of the actions or words  of the junior or senior, performer or nonperformer, are going to mar the image of jaycees at large, do you want me or any other jaycee to silently digest whatever you have stated in your mails.
      Please note that the opinions/views are to be respected in the first place because there is always a chance for an open debate on such sensitive issues on an open platform/forum of jaycees.
      I have stated whatever I have to say. Please do not take this personally.
      Yours in Jaycees
      best regards
      Jaycee Agnelo Menezes

      --- On Fri, 28/11/08, Yogesh Shet <yogs2u@...> wrote:

      From: Yogesh Shet <yogs2u@...>
      Subject: Re: Re: [goajaycees] IFFI 08: Documentary on M.F. Hussain withdrawn
      To: goajaycees@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: "agnelo menezes" <agnelogoa@...>, menezesenterprisesverna@...
      Date: Friday, 28 November, 2008, 9:38 AM

      Dear Jc Agnelo Menezes 

      I feel It is sheer waste of time to give answer to your supplementary Questions(As I had already replied your email). If you feel that I had done mistake in informing and congratulating Jc Dr Pramod Sawant for MLA candidature at pale constituency, you should have reply to goa Jaycees group rather than sending me personal email and now getting it again at this forum.

      Now you are mixing three different Issues I dont know what you are trying to express. Further you have asked me to consult Seniors Jaycees before explanation and writing any mails. Dear Agnelo, It is foolish to give someone explanation on congratulating and giving my best wishes to Dr Pramod Sawant.

      Further, I had discussed this issue with Key jaycees of the zone and maintained silence because I dont wanted to demorlize you by disclosing their opinion about you in Jaycees.

      I feel that as a senior Jaycee you should have not commented on performer president at General forum. Please get youself actively involved in jaycees and see the hardship a president has to undergo during tenure before passing the comments.

      Jc Yogesh Shet
      Past President
      JCI Vasco

      On Wed, 26 Nov 2008 agnelo menezes wrote :
      >Dear Jaycee Liladhar,
      >Please let me know in detail what is that you dont agree from Jaycee Sandeep Heble's point of view in regard to M.F.Hussain documentary. I will wait for your reply and will offer my view.  I think you have replied in excitement or with little knowledge.  I would recall an incident, during last years installation, We have invited Mr.Elvis D'Sa, Senior Manager Purchase, Zuari Industries Limited as Guest of Honour.  During His address, he mentioned that many of the Leaders in the world are members of the Junior Chamber International. I remember the moment Mr.Elvis finished hie address You just took the mike and informed the audience that many past presidents of U.S.A were the members of  JCI, please tell me, is it not an offence? to  a Guest to comment on his speech and that too soon after his address. what you wanted to convey the audience then?  Did Mr.Elvis  hurt any section of the community or Jaycees at large?
      >I would also cite another example to you, recently Jc.Yogesh shet congratulated and wished the candidate of Pale constituency.  I have gone through the mail of Jc.Yogesh meticulously and offered my views, I was not happy with the reply, so I asked for more clarification referring to the words and the phrases, till date I have not received any reply from you as President of Vasco Jaycees.  I have asked Jc. Yogesh to consult the Seniors and the experieced jaycees before offering any explanations and writing such mails.  He has failed to reply till date.
      >Jaycee Liladhar, Please understand that in Goa We are living in harmony, tranquility, solitude and in a peaceful atmosphere forgetting our religion, language, caste, etc. I think this atmosphere is slowly dying down because many of us are following things blindly, I mean we are not rationale in our thoughts.  It is our fundamental duty to participate in our neighbours joys or sorrows irrespective of religion, language, caste, etc.
      >In many parts of India, poor people and illiterate people are instigated or misguided and influenced to follow  or do something that is antisocial and unacceptable in the society with the help of money, muscle power and terror tactics.Â
      >Please take this in the  true jaycee spirit.
      >--- On Tue, 25/11/08, Liladhar Venkatesh Kumbharjuvekar <liladhark@...> wrote:
      > From: Liladhar Venkatesh Kumbharjuvekar <liladhark@...>
      >Subject: Re: [goajaycees] IFFI 08: Documentary on M.F. Hussain withdrawn
      >To: goajaycees@yahoogroups.com
      >Cc: "Sandeep Heble" <sandeepheble@...>
      >Date: Tuesday, 25 November, 2008, 10:17 PM
      >Dear Sandeep,
      >I dont agree with you, as Mr Hussain try to disrespect hindu religion through his paintings. as said painter has freedom to express but also they should respect the sentiments of religions.
      >With regards
      >Liladhar Kumbharjuvekar
      >Vasco Goa
      >On Tue, 25 Nov 2008 Sandeep Heble wrote :
      > >Dear all,
      > >
      > >At around 12 noon, I submitted copies of the letter appended below to
      > >the Films Division Chief Producer Kuldeep Sinha and the Director of
      > >IFFI Mr S M Khan. I was informed that the documentary Film was
      > >withdrawn as the State Administration did not want a confrontation
      > >with the protesting groups. Both of them expressed their dismay over
      > >the turn of events but expressed hope that the documentary Film on
      > >India's foremost Artist would be screened at a deferred future date,
      > >subject to them getting the green signal from the State
      > >administration.
      > >
      > >Copy of my letter:
      > >
      > >Through Newspaper reports, I understand that the Films Division of
      > >India has decided to withdraw the screening of a documentary Film on
      > >M.F. Hussein titled "Through the Eyes of the Painter", scheduled for
      > >screening on 25th November 2008. If the reports are true, then such a
      > >decision comes across as hugely distressing nay shocking to the
      > >connoisseurs of Indian Art and Cinema.
      > >
      > >It is extremely sad and disappointing to note that M.F. Husain,
      > >India's pioneer Artist, continues to be treated in such a shabby
      > >manner by the State and its different Agencies/ Bodies, who instead of
      > >upholding the laws of the land, are bowing down to pressures from
      > >fringe radical elements from the society.
      > >
      > >It is pertinent to point out that the highest Courts of the land have
      > >ruled in favour of M.F. Hussain. In its Judgment vindicating Hussain's
      > >Art, Justice Kaul from the Delhi High Court observed: "India's new
      > >Puritanism, practiced by a largely ignorant crowd in the name of
      > >Indian spiritual purity, is threatening to throw the nation back into
      > >the Pre-Renaissance era," "Today, each painting has a story to
      > >narrate. Art to every artist is a vehicle for personal expression. An
      > >aesthetic work of art has the vigour to connect to an individual
      > >sensually, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, " the court further
      > >observed. The Supreme Court also upheld the High court ruling in
      > >favour of Hussein, thus preserving the Artist's rights of Freedom of
      > >artistic expression.
      > >
      > >M.F. Hussain is India's greatest Artist, aptly described by Forbes
      > >magazine as the "Picasso of India". In his illustrious career spanning
      > >across 7 decades, he has won the highest honours of the land including
      > >State Awards such as the "Padma Bhushan" in 1973 and the "Padma
      > >Vibhushan" in 1991. Today, Husain who has gone on to become the
      > >highest paid painter in India with his single canvases having fetched
      > >up to $2 million at a recent Christie's auction, is an inspiration to
      > >thousands of artists across India.
      > >
      > >On the other hand, organizations like the Sanatan Saunstha and the
      > >Hindu Janajagruti Samiti are radical organizations that wish to lead
      > >India and Hinduism back into the dark ages. (Please check the
      > >attachment to see graphical illustrations of the hate propaganda that
      > >appears in their websites and in their published dailies against our
      > >National leaders, Christians and Muslims and even the Judiciary)
      > >
      > >The State and the Film Division of India should not allow themselves
      > >to be bowed down by the self-proclaimed moral policemen who have
      > >time-and-again proved that they do not respect the laws of the land.
      > >M.F. Hussain, who has brought such immense honour to our country and
      > >to our civilization, certainly does not deserve to be harassed by
      > >malicious propaganda from such fringe radical Hindu organizations!
      > >
      > >India is a liberal secular Republic. When the Highest Courts of the
      > >land have ruled in favour of Hussain, withdrawing the screening would
      > >thus tantamount to showing great disrespect to the highest democratic
      > >Institutions of our society. As a registered IFFI delegate, I would
      > >certainly hope that the documentary is screened as scheduled.
      > >
      > >Yours sincerely
      > >
      > >Sandeep Heble
      > >Panjim-Goa
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