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Records monday-muse (4 Feb 08)

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  • Pravin Sabnis
    MONDAY MUSE (4 Feb 2008) RECORDS 6.00 am. 26 January 2008. Mangalore. Konkani Nirantari begins. Eric Ozario leads his team in creating history of 40 hours of
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      MONDAY MUSE (4 Feb 2008)



      6.00 am. 26 January 2008. Mangalore. Konkani Nirantari begins. Eric Ozario leads his team in creating history of 40 hours of marathon singing and enters the Guinness Book of world records. They overtake the previous Brazilian record of 36 hours. Surely in the sometime of tomorrow, somebody else will break the new record too


      We see old records being overtaken and new records being established. In cricket Bradman’s record of 29 centuries seemed unattainable till Gavaskar overtook it. Since then, Tendulkar has set the new record and Ponting seems in striking distance of breaking that, too… only until somebody else comes and overtakes him. Pole vaulter, Sergie Bubka kept breaking his own records and taking the bar higher!


      So is breaking records all about bettering somebody else’s achievements? If we look at the above individuals you notice that their greatness remains undiminished even when their records are overtaken. This is so because they are seized with bettering their own previous best rather than that of others. Hence they race against their own performance and retain that unique quality that underlines a winning attitude.


      Eric Ozario has been reinventing himself and setting new challenges for his team of Maand Sobhann. Since 1986 when the Sahitya Akademi awardee Chafra  Decosta, Poet Melwyn Rodrigues and musician singer Eric Ozario started the Maand Sobhann as an initiative to nurture Konkani music, the team and the dream has only grown. Like the name Maand Sobhann which literally means Scenic Stage, they have engaged mega challenges in line with their lofty vision and mission.


      It is the passion for newer experiments that transforms Eric and Maand Sobhann into inspiring winners! It is this attitude of Eric and his team that we need to applaud and embrace. The attitude of walking the path to BE BETTER than what we are in terms of our efforts, our challenges and our attitudes


      Let’s BE BETTER than our previous best…

      Instead of being seized of outdoing the rest!




      4 February 2008, Goa , India .


      Since 2004, the Monday Muse series (based on the annual theme of JCI-India) is penned by Pravin Sabnis - a life coach with a passion to connect people to their potential. He employs his creative competencies in theatre and trekking in his unlearning unlimited workshops conducted for leading corporate & other groups.


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