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    F U T U R E Preamble: President of India, Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had always appealed to the youth to dream about a developed India. His vision for India in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2007
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      F U T U R E
      President of India, Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had always appealed to
      the youth to dream about a developed India. His vision for India in
      2020 will never be a reality if the youth today do not join hands in
      this exercise of nation building.
      They have to get prepared to match the onslaught of technology and
      ruthless competition. The increasing demands from all and sundry
      will demand extra energy and initiative. The commitment level of
      these youngsters should be at a very high level, not only in their
      chosen areas of activities, but also in their endeavor to rebuild
      the community and the nation. In short, preparedness, connectivity
      and passion should be their second nature.
      The six-hour programme on preparing the College students – FUTURE,
      will enable the participants to prepare an action plan that would
      enable them to face the fast-paced future and cutthroat competition.
      The programme lists out the benefits of joining JCI for their
      Title: FUTURE
      Duration: Six Hours
      No. of participants: Thirty (30)
      Opening Formalities: 45 minutes
      Knowledge: 90 minutes
      Positioning: 45 minutes
      Attitude: 60 minutes
      Working with People: 60 minutes
      FUTURE: 30 minutes
      Closing Formalities: 30 minutes
      Note: In addition, there will be two breaks of 15 minutes and one
      lunch break of 45 minutes.
      Brief on sessions:
      1. OPENING FORMALITIES: The programme starts with a brief meeting.
      After Jaycee creed and formal welcome, participants and the Faculty
      introduce themselves. The participants are briefed about the
      programme and they are given basic information about the
      organization. The participants are divided into five groups and are
      asked to name their groups.
      2. KNOWLEDGE: The session discuses about knowledge of self,
      potential in each, knowledge about the world and people. Knowledge
      is the base on which FUTURE can be built.
      3. POSITIONING: What is competence and what competence does each one
      have? What is one's uniqueness?
      How can you be different and how can you position yourself in your
      tomorrows. Once you discover your potential, how do you put them to
      use and emerge a unique individual? If you position yourself
      correctly, you
      will be able to chart out a course to the future that suits you.
      4. ATTITUDE: Everything in your life is decided by the way you
      choose to live your life. How you react to the situation will depend
      upon the attitude you possess. Attitude shapes a person's future.
      Attitude decides the way you behave in any situation? How do you
      look at challenges in life? How will you face failures and
      frustrations in life? Both these will depend upon the attitude you
      5. COMMUNICATION: Communication is not about language and definitely
      not about talking. Communication is all about touching people and
      building bridges between you and the world. Listening and
      understanding others are integral parts of effective communication.
      More than speaking or writing, it is all about seeing what the other
      person thinks and showing what you are saying. Use positive body
      language to communicate and show that you care.
      6. WORKING WITH PEOPLE: Nobody cares how much you know till they
      know how much you care. Nobody will work for your reasons. Everyone
      works for their own reasons. So give them those and you will see
      people latching on to you. Be a team member as togetherness breeds
      commitment, enthusiasm, healthy competition and unbelievable
      creativity. Appreciating even the smallest good job can bring in
      team spirit and make the team a well knit one. Constructive
      criticism should also be there in the team if they have to
      continuously improve.
      7. FUTURE: This is the theme session where you have to punch in your
      final words of motivation and appeal to
      them about starting to build the future now. The future is already
      here. How are you going to face it? One has to FOCUS on the vision,
      UPGRADE oneself, be TRUSTWORTHY, UNDERSTAND others and situations,
      8. CLOSING FORMALITIES: Let two participants give their
      observations. Evaluate. Distribute certificates and talk to them
      about the benefits of joining JCI as a Junior Jaycee and continuing
      later as a Jaycee.
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