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3473Forum backs sports quota in educational institutes and jobs

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  • Sandeep Heble
    Oct 28, 2013
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      Forum backs sports quota in educational institutes and jobs

      In its recommendations to the State government seeking revision of
      Sports Policy Goa-2009, which was implemented to encourage young
      children to pursue sports alongside academics, the Goa RTI Forum’s
      Sports section on Saturday suggested that a percentage of seats in
      educational institutes and Government jobs must be reserved for

      It has also suggested that participation in sports merely for the sake
      of availing sports participation marks must be discouraged.

      Sandeep Heble, co-ordinator (Sports), Goa RTI Forum told The Hindu on
      Saturday that they felt the need to suggest these inputs because
      though the Policy was meant to encourage young athletes to achieve
      sporting excellence through various incentives, in reality, due to
      various anomalies in it and reluctance on the part of the Goa State
      Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (GSBSHE) to wholly
      back the same, the desired results were far from achieved.

      The Policy is currently under review, following a proposal made by the
      GSBSHE to implement a cumulative marks system, whereby marks are to be
      allotted at every stage of the competition.

      “The final marks allotted to a student shall be the sum total s/he has
      been awarded at every level, as per a note prepared by GSBSHE chairman
      J.R. Rebello,” said Mr. Heble. The Goa Olympic Association, which met
      its member associations recently, also endorsed a similar pattern on
      awarding cumulative sports merit marks.

      The Goa RTI Forum discussed all these issues at its General Body
      meeting held on Saturday and there was a unanimous view that a proper
      scientific approach must be adopted by the government in awarding
      sports merit marks to achieve the desired result. The Forum, following
      inputs provided by Arjuna Awardee footballer Brahmanand Shakwalker and
      Mr. Heble, unanimously made several recommendations on the Sports
      Policy, copies of which have been forwarded to Chief Minister Manohar
      Parrikar, Minister for Sports Ramesh Tawadkar and all concerned

      The Forum in its memorandum stated that “the National Physical Fitness
      programme and training modules of the Army and paramilitary forces,
      may be used as a guideline while re-designing the policy”. Apart from
      physical fitness, the memorandum demanded that students must be given
      “psychological and mental training to build their motivation, focus,
      commitment, mental toughness, for enhancing their performance and
      turning them into potential winners”.

      A scientific approach must be adopted by the government in awarding
      sports merit marks